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Your beauty is so heretic as my love is dynamic
I am in love, in love my sweetheart I am eccentric
Your graces are alluring your beauty is so exotic
When love makes chain with beauty it is so ******

Let me celebrate and praise you my sweetheart
Be in my company and never ever think to depart
I do appreciate your beauty you are apiece of art
Let us have a a pledge my love from just very start

So sweet so caring and so loving my dear in love
You are so wonderful in style innocent like a dove
You are guiding me like a star up from the above
You are awesome my love you are so beautiful now

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow
Gaye Jul 2016
Sometimes I imagine sitting under our dining table wanting to chop my hair off, days and nights oppressed, yet not to run the rat race. Partly because I was too resistant to be happy, but with the first monsoon showers, I almost collapsed inside my oversized grey T-shirt that began to turn white, infinite gaps inside mind channels, I sat and watched strange men winning Wimbledon. I stopped writing one thousand words a day, themes and perspectives slipped into a closed brown diary, and I always worried what if someone finds it and reads it aloud in the public sphere in Prague, right in front of David Cherry’s rotating Kafka, how miserable he died thinking he was worthless, how miserable it would be to listen to voices that came beneath my dining table. I talk to a shy Kafka, every day, under our dining table, today he shaved my head.
He watched her grow out her fingernails
Burn herself with cigarettes
Her scabs would heal and morph into gray dots on her dark flesh
She looked like a winter afternoon with a chance of showers

She was beautiful in her own way
The way books are beautiful stacked on shelves
The way trees can only be appreciated in forests
Her beauty was of many and of one.
I saw you lying prostrate in your bed of bones and crumbs
the white sheets were stretched to reveal your garbage heap,
your nest a collage of street trash
you hoard yarn and plastic dolls with missing eyes
combing your hair with toothpicks and cleaning your teeth with vinegar

You blew the layers of dust that settled on your window sill
And your prickly legs laid tangled against your cool walls that had been painted over too many times
The paint would chip off into peachy piles
The original wall, an ancient artifact, poking through for air

You smash the little bodies of spiders under your thumb
smearing their entrails against the glass
studying the life you’d just taken against the rays of the sun
And I watch as you tear off your fingernails, their jagged edges scratching down my back

I try to fall asleep to your hums and shallow breathing
drowning in your little commune for the lost and forgotten
the relics of the city
Your little kingdom of pots and pans, of skeletons and guts
and red-rimmed eyes

I wrap my arms around your sticky skin, it’s greenish hue playing tricks under the light of the moon
I’m merely swimming off your coast, marooned on your island
watching you from afar, among your treasures
jdotingham Jun 2016
The persistence of memory has torn me apart
This rumour has spread, from my tongue to my heart
It's a five day orbit for the City In The Sky!
It's the bad blood dripping down your thigh
It infests your brain all the same
Take me here because you're to blame
But won't you bite down, when i'm filled up with ****
I've made so many mistakes, i'm clearly not an angel from above
An ambiguous hate you , but it's nothing to debate to
Just something I'll regret.
I drink to remember, I smoke to forget
The persistence of memory is overfilling my head.
Salvador Dali <3 true genius
Abdallah Sadiq Apr 2016
I saw a goddess amongst humans
At first glance
She gave me a feeling my poetic mind couldn't put in words.
I wondered why she walked this earth—
I wondered why a precious being was amidst human beings.
She stood out from every soul that walked past her—
Her eccentricity only made her more alluring.
Thousands of mysteries were hidden behind her innocent face—
I hoped to unfold them.
Her seductive brown eyes made me inquisitive—
Inquisitive about what went on in that beautiful mind.
I yearn to see what was hidden beneath her clothes
I yearn to explore her unblemished body if she let me,
And kiss those full lips till it became numb.
She was Oh-so distant yet she attracted me
She was Oh-so gentle yet easily recognizable in a crowded room
Why ?
I guess because her skin glowed like the moon in the vastness of space—
The depths of her eyes told a story that will never bore—
Or maybe she was just a goddess amongst humans.
Maple Mathers Feb 2016
My daily activities range between avoiding most things
to avoiding all things.
(All poems original Copyright of Eva Denali Will © 2015, 2016.)
SassyJ Jan 2016
I’ll rev you like a Porsche
Pressurize the clutch then
ease on the equipped brake
enrolling the steering wheel

On the highway as we sing
Tuning choruses eccentrically
apply the mascara and smile
put my flock on, swing like Bowie

Craze up in seismic grooves
Shift to a self expression culture
be so extreme that you glitter
I’ll desire your ambiguousness

Unarguably, I’ll hold your hand
An evolved zeitgeist in revolution
squeeze their prejudiced little heads
replicate, experiment your persona
Be you, be you, be ambiguous!
JR Rhine Dec 2015
At a cost unknowingly
The love between us.
Eccentric people sometimes seem too isolated from the rest of us.
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