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Kimiko Aug 25
I'm Fed up trying,
I'm fed up listening,
I just wanted some Space
I am not perfect
and surely I'm not a saint
but here me when I say this

"I am only in Pain"

I don't need your words
nor do I need your pity
their just empty garbage
from the mouths of the City

You say you really care
but all I feel is Air
for your satisfied with just one click
boasting that you already "Shared"

Do you even bother to listen
to the silent words of pain
that one might be enduring
because of your selfish gain
How pathetic it is to be part of the society
molded by selfish pride and stupidity
Kimiko Aug 4
All I wanted was a Hug

A kind of touch that doesn't need words
nor does it need to know
Just ask me the right questions
and it will all pour down
like an endless waterfall of pain and regret
from the depth of my soul
that no one could understood
not even I
so what's the point of asking if

All I wanted was a Hug
If we're sad, don't be quick to say "cheer up" because empty words doesn't help us
Kimiko Jul 11
Love has always been my greatest Passion
Expressing it in many ways to support everything and everyone around me.
I've always felt that I needed
to be strong, to be consistent, to be right and.. to be okay
Specially in front of my love ones.
But there are nights when i'm alone
Sitting or laying in bed
Staring at the walls or at the ceiling of a room
Its as if all the insecurities, worries and fear
comes crushing down my mind
Like a rushing waves that strikes my heart
Its eating me alive
Many says, "it's okay not to be okay"
But they don't know the struggles within
Those awful moments, that you just couldn't bear
You want it to stop,
you kept on doing things, just to keep your mind off of it.
But in the verge of everything going right, you feel empty yet full of regrets and pain that you don't even know where it comes from.
No one should feel this way.
Kimiko Apr 11
Dear Dad,

I'm sorry for not being faithful to you.
I'm sorry that I defy your teachings
I shouldn't have done what I did
I should have stop when I can
Now I can't turn back
Not on my own that is.
I'm asking for your help
Please save me
From the chains that I put myself into
I want you back in my life
Please show me the way
I have shattered heart
filled with the stains of Sin
I hated my Father
He has scared me in many ways
I forgave him and showed him
Love and Mercy
Yet he just stepped on it like dirt
In every morning I'm afraid
to hear the sound of his sinful entertainment
to hear and see what he is doing
It was awful, disgraceful and makes me feel furious
but the only thing I could do
Is to shut my eyes, plug in my earphones and cry
hoping that the sounds of music
can drown the dark torn that is piercing my heart
I hated him, I despise him
But God..
He is my Father
and I love him
I don't want him to go to hell
I don't want to go there either
So God please hear my prayer
I humble myself to you
Truly I am not worthy to be in your presence
But I beg for your mercy
Please forgive our sins
Cleanse us from inside out
Clear our hearts from anger and lust
and make us see your ways
Help us to live by them
And give us courage to never go back
to this darkness that clouded our mind
lured us so far away from you
Fill us with your Holy Spirit
and help us to honor your every word
not for my family, not for my Pastors
but for you, my one and only Father

Here is my life
Take it as a living sacrifice
Mold me according to your will
and May you be seen in every corner of my heart,
in every corner of my home and my family

This I write and humbly pray
in your name Father
Jesus Christ, Amen.
No one should give up on their Families
  Mar 2019 Kimiko

her heart has been broken
so many times she wonders
if it's beyond repair.

the walls she once loathed
now surround her heart,
unapproachable by man.

each night she lies
awake wondering if
anyone hears her cries.

but He hears her
and tells her heart to be still
for He will dry her tears,
take her and restore
her broken heart.
for she is His bride.

Kimiko May 2017
When you see the wrong things
and you know that person has no ears
don't even bother to otter a word
Its useless

Its hard to speak...

College brings you knowledge
yet gaining too much is called PRIDE
this is what some teacher say
in their eyes and in their minds

Its hard to speak..

Parents love their children
yet when they speak they won't listen
instead they call it REBELLION

Its hard to speak...

Friends talks here and there
rumors coming from everywhere
and when you know the truth
its like they are the lions
and your the prey

Its hard to speak

Man-made Laws are made to correct us
but how can we correct the Laws

Its hard to speak..

More and more words are cut down
days gone by and fewer words die
little by little they shutter
and one day someone will just cry

Its hard to speak...

To end this short group of words
that many see as a mindless maze
Hear me out...

Yes its HARD! but it's NEVER impossible.
Speak or forever more hold you peace
(this phrase doesn't always apply ONLY to marriages)
Kimiko May 2017
People say so much
yet they hear so little
But if you hear so little
how can you say so much?

Words are kept for a reason
yet even knowing that
people always manage
to spill them out

Is this the weakness humans
are born with?
Or is it just the attention
people love so much
that they tend to forget
the trust enclosed with each words

Harsh and frank as I may seem
but being this kind of person
makes you no better than
a murderer who stab and leave
their victims cold dead on the street.

Wake up people!
You are not created to be like this.
You are more than capable
to BUILD rather than DESTROY
How can you see the sticks in your brother's eye, if you can't even see the LOG in your own eye.
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