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The water poured as we began to slowly undress each other.
Your skin was smoother than  I expected.
I took a step into the shower, you followed and closed the door behind you whilst maintaining eye contact.
I gasped as the water was hot.
You softly spoke my name and pulled my waist closer.
You stroked my cheek and softly placed your lips upon mine as 'cherry' by MooseBlood played loudly from your bedroom.
we held each other and slowly rocked side to side in glee as we both naively assumed we'd have all the time in the universe to share many memories like this again.
In that moment I knew that I was in love with you.
Words are tossed around ever so carelessly.
Do you ever wonder if you're hurting me?
If you didn't know, you are, and my wounds bleed for you as a result of your verbally aggressive roar.
Flesh on show, bones exposed I yell in despair "this is all for you my dear" as I take off my clothes.
The water is so icy it resembles your personality. My toe slips in testing if it is death worthy.
Eventually I am eye level with the water as I fearfully flap for my life, the dark demons below are pulling me under as I panickly shouted "this is all for you my dear" and disappeared into the pool of despair.
As I wake In the depressive morning array, I wish I never pushed you away. It's my fault. I take the blame, but I wish I could go back and start again.
i love that you know i prefer
fairy lights over candles
and coffee over tea
and cats over dogs
        i love that you know all my details
        as if you made a map of the
        marks on my skin
        and traced them every day

i want to lay with you
in the quiet
and watch the fog configure around us
as the world moves
we're still
because we have no need
to move
we're together
and all i need
is your hands rubbing my skin
and keeping me warm
while your green eyes
remind me of spring to come

I want to feel your skin on mine
and our hands intertwined
I could lay with you forever
but I know you'd get bored.
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