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Keiya Tasire Dec 2018
Evergreen trees & cranberries
Pine cones soaked in cinnamon oil
Candle holders for the beautiful Christmas candles.
Time to decorate with all the fresh trimmings.
Now where are the push pins and tacks?

They say there are only two reasons to forget:
1) I am in love, or it is 2) Senility.
I pray it is Love!
Lizzy Sharples Mar 2018

Some things of which you should all be aware,
Should you decide to paint the hall corridor and stairs,
Once you paint that first stroke that's it you can't stop,
And it's a very long... Long long way to the top,
If you choose a colour that's lighter than before
Then expect to do not one coat not two or three... But four!!
When using a roller don't go over what you've done,
It will pull it all right back off and you'll be back to square one!
when the walls are evenly covered and you think it really is done,
Remember that the glossing is even more fun,
Never believe what it says on the tin,
It will drip... It won't dry...and  One one coat is too thin!!
And at last when your finished... That's when you'll see,
That there's some touching up to do where someone spilt their tea!!!
Shaded Lamp May 2014
Drip, drip dripping
Down my window

Tweet, tweet tweeting
Open up windows

Tug, tug tugging
The blind cord

Throb, throb throbbing
My sump pump

Drip, drip dripping
Down my window
Take it as you will. Use it and abuse it. I'm just glad you read it.
Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

— The End —