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They all hate me when I'm broke
They gon hate me when I'm rich
I be Holding to the rope
Feeling like POP I'm gonna rip

Just wanna make sense
Wanna make bands
Not make fans
Those aint friends

Just wanna make my millys
Not looking silly
Like '17 when I was popping killy

I was broke then, But I was happier
Knew me then, I was dappier

Feeling trapped at my abode
A man with a plan, but nowhere to go
Wanna edit the bad like using adobe
Mansion sit down, while wearing my robes

But I'm so alone,
I'm sipping patrone
Got 7k fans
But nowhere to blow

I'm making my moves
Just to make me happy
Under the success
My whole life is ******

I wish I was different
I wish I was listening
To all of the people
Who told me be different

My phone never dry
Got notifs all day
Signed 80 nice artists
They'll make it one day

What's wet last night
It's my pillow case
The tears got dried
Can't look at my face

Don't want more space
Cause I have the galaxy
Feel isolated
Want them to come back for me

Lost a fake friend last night
4 Years gone right
They DC no Superman
Thought we was tight.
Life is sad sometimes.
Sebastian VL May 10
Got designer belt it’s black Ferragamo
And I’m still reminiscin from the time I said “la amo”
And everytime they come around me I am sayin “Vamos"
I Glowed up and I showed up while skrrting in a lambo

Fake friends they pull up and I still callem fammo
97 cents a sale profits going down low
Player with a victim mindset they wanna know mo
Actin like a guru played the shordy feeling down low

Played the game got brain and I prayed holy Trinity
Muhfucas denying my only abilities
Start a business then, deny its feasibility
Turn 18 then, deny my credibility

My life like the stocks, detached from reality
Meet me seem blessed look closer insanity
A young dude who cares, only bout his vanity
Wanna blow up no boom just raise my personality

Date one just to leave one and hop to another
A lot of hearts gon break this whole **** summer
Feeling tired like I just got out of a slumber
Leave em in their feelings while they askin for my number

Wanna make money while biking down the humber
Wanna get a time machine to make my life funner
Wanna lose my weight, but I am not a runner
Can't trust nobody these days so money is my lover
Sebastian VL Mar 14
Super Saiyan like Goku
Japanese got Nobu
Got things to blow through
Soul searching eat soul food

Lineman said go blue
Know things I know too
Cough down got the flu
'Rona season ye they knew

Hit a lick and they rich now
Kobe shooting bricks now
Make music you call sounds
Shorty go two rounds

Henny Henny on the flip town
Jealousy they talk about
I don't really give a **** now
I just wanna blow it up now

Someone come roll spliffs
6ix God go views this
Air punching got no fists
I just feel so diff

Get rich and go dip
Pinking I go swim
Jelly jelly got no diss
****** like solstice

Don't want to lose connect
Dripping down like a faucet
I just want to be blessed
Late sleep feel too stressed

Situations go reflect
"**** my ex" is a reflex
I just want two things
Big money and respect

East to side to the rex
Play smart got no decks
Aces  up next
Need a queen be the best

Whip around in my X
Flex on my ex
Check time Rolex
Get "I miss you" texts
This poem is a rhythmic work of art that flows to the instrumental of "B.S" by Jhene Aiko Ft. H.E.R. It is a personal poem based on my past gastronomical, athletic, romantic, and impactful experiences. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Have a good day. :)
Sebastian VL Jun 2017
Hey looky here is the greatest
Everybody call him shameless
******* call him tameless
And dudes call him famous

He pull up on the block
"**** wow look at his paces"
Even though I got them braces
Errbody be actin like they aced it

Because my words resonate like time and spaces
Don't check your watch I made it
Time, I slayed it, ******* I played it
No ps4 just mario kart cause I first placed it

Everybody call me faceless
No emotions no nun ***** I'm tasteless
I'm like the fake DNA on a crime scene, I'm trace less
Yet Im still out here solvin all these cases

Still ******* hittin me up with all they regrets
They think they made a heart theft
But really I could care less
Nah ***** just cut left

You say you miss me but you the one that left
I'm not surprised I know I was the best
I know I got you stressed
But nah I want a repel cuz now you is a pest

But still life is blessed
Bih I bet you you failed the test
Atleast you you gon be with the rest
To keep you company in these hard times and de-stress

People call me playa, but I prefer, the finesse
Wipin yo money away, like a cleanex
Look now I got an effect
I got these people tryna flex

Diss me boy yo shoes, is that payless?
You lil kid with untied laces, nah face it
You better pray to God I roast you with dem praises
No J's No K's you be boostin but look like a mess

Boi you look like a bird go fly, to your nest
You look tired from flexin on me go, take a rest
Summer 2k17 the takeover finna be the best
What can I say right now life is just blessed.
Sebastian VL Jun 2017
Slept 12 hours too late last night
Still feel tired as **** that's right.
At a point of life where a day is a fight
Where people get loose and you lose the ones that's tight

**** all people in this world no height
**** so sad that my lows feel high as a kite
At a point of life where the shadow is bright
Only **** to save me in these hard ******* times.

Hard year trash year but I still made dimes
Feel like I'm fallin and my crash is worse than a chime
Somehow still made people laugh like I was fine
People aint real they hear me speak and think it's a sign

All mens leave you when they see you down low like a mine
Everybody scared to reach for you so they let you fall all the time
***** I declined don't **** my vibe no kenny I wish I'd rewind,

To the old me
A happier me
When I wasn't a poetic insanity
Now they mad at me

Ask why I changed think it's my fault yet they throw slack on me
Most people don't take you seriously
May speak hard facts cause I know ****
I've seen ****
But nothing to compare to the actualities

Now everyday 2 am that's who I am
I done ****** up too many things call me blem
Alone in this world no man no dem
Cold summer catching feelings all over again

I got people who was close till they found somethin better
Now all they do from time time is send me letters
Postin **** on medias I got these ******* in they feelings even better
They tryna defend themselves sayin I did **** yet they left me when all I did was make them better

Others just call my phone all day
Cause they bored and they need love in a way
Yet they treat you like you trash like you is **** in this place
And they finna throw you up destroy your whole life in your face

But nah I won't complain
I guess I am lame
This year lost people, dead in the grave
Lost fam in the way

Oh yea I am cray?
Lived through a lot in a year ******* cut me off in the day
Learned everybody fake when you really need them
Turn their back around you when you later see them

Learned a lot during freshman year
No guilty conscience no remorse no beer
Just pure emotions, sentiments of sad, lone and my fears
Finally being realized like losing people you loved yet showing no tears
Where you so weak every lil thing cuts you up like spears

So **** friends, **** everybody, everybody fake no joke
Sometimes I feel like my heart stoppin no stroke
Most of you flip more than pancakes no joke.
Went from happiest to saddest dude in the curve to broke
But I guess lyin, to make yourself feel better is a hoax
Make me catch feelings then see me break on the low.
I hope yalls are happy now you made a dude go down go forth
Thank you is all I have to say, that's all folks.
Sebastian VL Apr 2017
House party no contact
No glasses no lenses
Isolation got no facts
Rich in hope like them benz's

Old as **** like a bold fax
Reminiscin past tenses
Action done by the fences
Have I come I to my senses?

Need to know, ask for a census
Need my own vote call for elections
Lowkey mind-broke, I need a pension
Need to think about all this affection


World cold stone cold
Was told It would be like this
Aint listened to them so I fold
Now I see myself down this own road.

The me everybody used to see, erode
The me anybody could be, be sold
Sadness pull up to my corners, be shown
The one who blew y'all away be blown

Everybody leavin faster than I can say hello
People in this world so shaky like a tremolo.
People don't come and go no more.
You just save up and they go forth.

At least that's my reality
Maybe I am insanity
No sleep till 2 am
You see it visually
Can't rest till these thoughts are at ease.

Life fallin faster than dominos
This time aint as good as pizza
Not even close rate negative 10 toes
No feelings like terminator hasta la vista.

Seen a lot like a barista
More people snakes than cheetah's
Venomous like cobras.
Sad **** I got into.
Me, myself and my sorry ***.
Sebastian VL Apr 2017
Some say I entertain
But I write to maintain
My own **** down my own lane
You want **** go ask mane

Maybe I ask for fame
Probably go for the money and dames
Go on rari's and cadi's instead of trains
Or atleast go lit over all my mains (If I had some)

Everybody I know now they stains
One thing to another so quick they been prayin
For justice, to be loved, some **** they all be sayin
Maybe y'all expect me to be slayin

But nah I am payin
Taxes and rent I owe
From this person I been fakin
Maybe now I'm on a low

Started off high but **** happens you know
Like riding  a car and you get stopped to tow
Maybe I look worse, dusty like I came from the dough
Or ***** as **** like my other boys' fro

But for real tho
No roast no show
Maybe I need this to grow
Harsh when you on your own on the road

I'm seeing **** too early hoppin like a toad
Like seeing a video on youtube and it forgot to load
Probably changed so much I am hard to decode
May be considered weird but I guess that's my mode

So I don't write to entertain
I don't want all that fame
**** the world now I love the train
But I write to explain.
One's mind trying to be sane
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