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Cana Feb 2018
The first odyssey is a difficult one
To step out into the blue and hope not to fall
But fall you will. Usually fast and quite hard
The next time you walk out yonder
It’s with more care, but the result is inevitable

Sometimes you leap off the cliff.
Sometime you inch off of it
Sometimes you don’t even see the edge

Eventually the landings become easier.
Your knees cushion you.
Your arms splayed for balance.
Is it getting easier?

Sometimes you hit every outcrop on the way down
And land in a broken heap on the shore
But you know what
You’ll do it again, we all do.
I had a concept going here but I got lost on the way. Needs to be edited unless it’s understandable as it is.  My brain isn’t what it used to be ;P
takitak Dec 2015
how it must have felt
I can only imagine...

   It hurts to not know
My first ever haiku!

Day 4- Write a haiku. They’re often about nature, but yours can be about anything.

Alicia Apr 2015
"I'll be back," he said to me. Foolishly, I believed every
falsehood that came from the lips I once kissed. Little did he
know that those words were powerful beyond belief. Behind
closed doors, his selfishness had a hold on my soul and took
the life it withheld with ease. Not once did I complain because
with the beauty of love followed pain.

I never understood why I settled with a lie. More than twice,
my intuition told me that he didn't deserve an ounce of me.
That he never deserved a heart that gives selflessly. That his
negativity would get the best of me. But this experience reminded
me that every person has their season and it ends for a reason.
So I have embraced my mistakes, and I will love myself selfishly.
No audio.
Twitter: @the_monAlicia
Ottar Apr 2015
you rubbed the
grey worry stones
over and over,
that were found in the Chest,

                                        treasured or pandora's box, what else was inside?

patiently losing
kind parts
of your fingers,

                                     with printless tips, losing all identity, such sacrifice!

the still stones
hard with worry,
until the worry
fell away,
           landing and curling
           like shavings a
            Carpenter's work
           would leave  behind,

and the stones
began to look
like red and
soften up some

you took it in stride, no pride or boasting, no scolding no holding it over my head,

you never faltered,
you went and
stood silently,
watching me
tire each day
from my new
and advent-
urous ways,

behind me to
remind me
there was safe-
ty in your arms,

                                                          ­                        tall tales told of night time fictional conquests, lies about lying with strangers!

the pink flesh
you wore, never
turned green
knowing we would
find each

till dawn
              and morning
                                   light glinted
                                                       of your hair,
                                                                ­           your smile,
adding colour to the design?

— The End —