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Apr 2020
An incomplete list
of my modest pleasures may consist of:

unninterrupted sleep at night,
time to lay in bed in the morning,
the coffee machine's murmur,
the odd taste of coffee,
the odd taste of water,
homemade jam,
finishing a piece of work,
swimming or floating in water,
books with appealing hard covers,
good books,
good stories told well,
walking in a park or forest,
cold, wet, spring air,
warm feet,
standing by a river,
listening to rivers go,
looking up to tree tops hiding the sky,
blue skies,
green grass,
sunlight on the face,
courageous flowers blooming,
a hat that fits,
shoes that fit,
clothes that fit,
charming someone kind,
being charmed by someone kind,
first kisses,
eager *******,
joyful ***,
speaking with an old friend,
speaking with a close friend,
speaking with a funny friend,
being kindly teased,
holding a friend's hand,
good music,
sending and receiving postcards,
completing a piece of work,
rain on windows,
washed clothes and sheets,
flowers in pots and vases
and you.
Out of all the earthly pleasures
I believe I want you most of all,
my dear, my sweet.
Escapril day 4
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