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Your world is quiet tonight,
dreams drifted to nightmare
synthesized points leads no reason,
you might caught up by monster
you better watch out,
look at every corner of his eye.

There's a gold glitter on the floor
look closer, underneath it's
a remnant of ruined cards
shifted to play this part,
without a soul,
like a demon.

Love is a villain
that vanquished the queen
dancing in white storm;
you are too beautiful
to wear a monochromic dress.

Don't look under the bed,
you will get what you deserve,
in your curiousness,
in your consciousness.
Sunny Feb 2018
As I sit here, writing this, I’m wondering how you’ll react  
If you say something mean, prepare to be smacked  
Or maybe you’ll say something nice  
After all, you’d probably give me good advice
Curiosity is like that urge  
That can suddenly emerge  
It can kind of feel overwhelming at times  
Almost like it’s consuming you alive  
Come on, come on, I want to explore!  
So I ****** open that front door  
My footsteps, loud against the wooden floor  
A great mystery is never a bore    
Adventure awaits!  
So I climb upstairs with great haste  
What lies before me is another door  
And for some reason, I feel all sore  

Behind that door, I see your face  
Looking back at me, locked in place  
What will you do? What will you say?  
Will you just try and push me away?  
My eyes widen, my heart beats fast  
I want to run, run away from my past

I don’t want to alarm you  
I can’t stand seeing you hurt  
This constant, nagging pain  
Is like an everlasting rain  
A giant raincloud, swept over my head  
I want to stay in my bed instead  
But I know that’s just an excuse  
To keep myself from facing the truth  

Suddenly, your face lights up  
That smile again, it’s so abrupt  
And I rush to you, tackling you to the floor  
Hugging you with all my heart, bringing all these feelings ashore  
I thought I went into this on my own  
And your appearance has my mind blown  
My heart flutters in my chest  
I think a feeling within has coalesced
So, as we walk outside, I tease you with a li’l shove  
I think this feeling, it has to be love.
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
In day's prime, in summer's sweet eyelids,
Two lives arc, their eyes struggling to break a stare, sharing trysts through dulciloquent exchange,
After the deep blue blossoming lake. To avenge time, we sought it and drove our pupils
Down through the bluff and the green trees, limping past the arenose and albicant sands
Into it's quivering- I must say.

Hey fancy. You make me smile regularly,
I need you to know, because I don't always say so,

but if I didn't read what you write about
your interactions with life,
I'd definitely be not the half that I am of alive.

So thank you, from the perfume of my heart,
and the plastic that is my legs,
the opossum hair that makes me who I am,
and the light of my malaise.

— The End —