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bakunawa Jun 2018
i used up
all of my
to keep me
from saying
'i love you'
before i
could hang up.
legit bit my tongue.
umm it really is possible to be good friends with an ex, you have to bite your tongue a lot and fight the force of habit so much... and yes it hurts more than biting your tongue off but if you find all of those worth it i guess you're ******* up?
(lol welcome to my world!!)
bakunawa Apr 2018

       We were
              two steps      
                  shy of love,          
                    first was that              
                                  I gave up                            
                            and the second:                        
                                    you made me            
                                                          stop. ­           

                                                              ­  --strangers--
Bridge the gap man, just bridge the gap.
bakunawa Apr 2018
In a world full
    of wishes...
Where promises,
are a currency,
     And prayers,
   worth gold:

You would be,
   my everything, yet---

---I would be:
   the richest man
      in the whole **** world...

and for you
I'd still be waiting...
bakunawa Apr 2018
Winter was waiting
For a cry of hail
Instead all she heard
Was a hopeless wail

She screamed, she shouted
Yet to no avail
"Spring has fell", she said,
"This whole year shall fail"
She should have been as cold as ice.
Instead she simply melted----
Without snow, there's only rainfall, just cries.
There won't be any spring...
There won't be any sun to rise.
bakunawa Apr 2018
She sang---
   a swan's song
   before I fell asleep...

     ---and before
     I knew it---

   I was falling
       way too deep.
Sometimes dreams only find their sleepers at the end of the day---
bakunawa Apr 2018
Ever since the beginning,
We were just clinging,
   to our happy start...

—and we just kept moving forward—

   ‘til time itself
      tore us apart...
bakunawa Apr 2018
There is infinity
In the distance
Between One
And two.

Such is the
Space found
From me
To you.
Solaces Jul 2016
The storm is moving in on the horizon.
Its been a very long time since we had a storm out here..
The winds where picking up and all of my windchimes rang..
When I heard the wind chimes it flashed all before me.  
On where I was the night before and many nights before that..
Chimes and vibrations where the first to greet me..
Followed by lights directly shined into my eyes..
I could now remember sleeping with my eyes open..
Everything around me was made of a shiny lustrous metal.
Shadows would pass over my eyes from time to time.
To my horror I then realised what was going on..
They were studying what I was.
Looking inside me to see what makes me alive.
They spoke to eachother in strange clicks and hisses..
As they returned me home, my windchimes started to sing..
I awoke in my bed..
Was this just a bad dream?
They come from above and look inside..
Poetrylover May 2016
ding ding ding
tapping chimes,
that sounds like its
making its own rhyme
that can be observed as dime
given in free time

ding ding ding

rattling chimes,
its like your prince charming,
when speaking,
feels like fillings
that your mind treat it as sweets.

ding ding ding

raging chimes,
sounds like angels in storms,
to warn you,
to save you,
at the same time
it confronts you
with their soft dings,
that sounds like a newborn laughter

tling tling tling
i love music, feels like heaven listening to chimes raging to one another
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