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B D Caissie Aug 23
With each day I tread carefully and each day my foot winds up in my mouth...
A M Ryder May 19
When you are together
Be together completely
Let them know
That they are loved
Until they begin to understand
What that actually feels like
And then keep on with it
Loyal by nature
Be rest assured
That they'll stick around
So let me scale your walls and
Be close enough to love you
And carefully search for
Signs of the surest routes
To your golden heart
thesa Mar 8
touch me carefully
i am broken already
Khoi-San Jul 2018
After years of procrastination
You are the glow above the gloss
Sweet revelation after years of dating
sam i yam not,
     nor will this 'lo bot go away
cuz, every coordinate in cyber space allows,
     enables and provides
     an opportunity to bray,

and thence get access
     to each excel lent power full point
     one among the beguiling bajillion,
thus this ming boggling concept proffers

     (even the generic mom and pop hacker
     tubby in her/his element field gloating
     as if they won
     the Irish Sweepstakes that day

despite neither could claim
     direct lineage, sans Emerald Eire
  analogous to Celtic temptress,
     whose grand geography

     beckons toward entranceway,
where sensory, levity,
     and ecstasy punctuate foray
boot that diverges one hundred

      and eighty degrees asper gateway
onrush of spam enters electronic hatchway
spilling forth like
     offal horrific bilge interlay

sloshing violently, revoltingly,
     and nauseatingly, witnessing a jay
bird donning mask (yule hating)
     beak coming contrivance fashioned keyway.

force full brainstorm to firewall
     to place on indefinite layaway
inundation of spam midway
between now and eternity,

     essentially noway
no more, and if necessary
     hermetically seal myself
     stationing a pal in drone willingly overpay!
Poetic T Aug 2017
You etched every perception of our sentiment
                                                                ­on a bullet.
Wearing it reassuringly  around your neck,
you loaded you words carefully

*"I was grasping my heart now vacant,
aniket nikhade Jan 2017
Never think that something in life will change on it’s own,
since nothing happens on it's own and everything that happens in life has got a reason of it's own.

Never think that something in life will change on it's own
Never does it happen on it’s own
Never did it happen in the past,
nor will it happen again in present.

Life changes according to what you want,
how you want and all that you have got in your mind.
Life changes according to how you have thought, carefully planned and all the things that you have got and done in life.

However, the world outside is a fast changing place
So it’s always better to be who you are,
especially when it comes to dealing with everything in your own life,
which as of now in the present has a concern.

Do what you want,
in doing so always remember,
future will hold the consequences of all the action taken in present.

Desire and dreams will remain in present and also in future, however, over a period of time it’s always realized that future remains uncertain.
An uncertain future has got all the potential capacity to keep the present on hold; however, the same thing is true in case of odds.

The desire to get something done in a certain way must also be followed by the drive to achieve the same
Once the thing that is desired is achieved, then it is realized that the world outside is pretty much different and that life is better than what you had thought prior.
gravygod Oct 2015
I want to rip you apart
until you are merely fragments of human
ripped and vulnerable
then I could finally tell you
how I feel
about you
about us
about the way I strive for us to exist together
in this lonely universe.
I would glue you back
piece by piece
carefully and slowly
making sure you are still just as perfect
as you were before.
but I know that no matter what
you will be
you make my heart sing pure joy
just by the look you give to me
the sensation of your warm hands on my skin
nothing could make me feel more secure
even since the first time I saw you
my soul was awakened
I was given a purpose
to fall in love with you.
you don't love me though
and you never will.
I am nothing to you
just a foolish female
who will give you anything you desire
that is my own fault,
not yours
I have let myself lust for you
too many times
and now I am stuck
craving your presence and voice
your affection and promises
I know I am a sucker for you
and I am not sure
if I will ever not be
this broke me
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