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  Mar 15 NightOwls
So every time you look,
at a twinkling star,
just remember that's me,
smiling from afar.
  Mar 15 NightOwls
Travis Green
You may never love me
the way that I want you to,
but the love I have for you
is something that I will never
be able to let go.

I will be loving you
forever and a day,
knowing that what
I’m feeling is real to me,
knowing that someone like you
is everything that I can’t walk away from.
  Mar 15 NightOwls
Phil Meup
A question mark

Is half a heart
and without you
I'm torn apart,
We're torn in two.

I'm left here  
With no right to ask.
Yet I can't go in circles.
Because isn't half a heart

A question mark?
  Mar 15 NightOwls
Chuck Kean
After The Rain

    He’s got you wrapped around his finger
You’d follow him to the edge of the Earth
You’ve paid your price for love
But you’ve yet to know its worth

And all that you’d do for him
I would do for you
But his love for you is a falseness
And  my love is true

One day you’ll  see all of the things
That love has you blind
When you wake up one day and
Realize you’ve been left behind

He’s got his world and you are
There just to play a part
And one day you’ll be all alone
With nothing but your broken heart

The clouds will roll in and tears will fall
You’ll be overwhelmed with sorrow and pain
And when the storm subsides, I’ll be
Here waiting for you,  after the rain

Written By:Charles Kean
Copyright © 03/13/2021
All rights reserved
  Mar 15 NightOwls
The day you left
I remember it like it was yesterday
The day that you left
My world was torn apart
From the inside out
I no longer had you
A day felt like a month
A month felt like a year
A year felt like a lifetime
Waking up each day
Knowing you were gone
Knowing that the person I looked up to
Was gone forever
Not very polished or put together, but I have been in a little bit of a slump again so thought I should try to sit down and write something. Hope everyone is safe and doing well :)
  Mar 15 NightOwls
The grieving, pain of disconnect.
The cut cords, frayed and rough.
When you come close, they spark.
I can't turn off the electricity.
I don't want to start another fire.
My extinguisher is empty.
  Mar 15 NightOwls
When does this end?
Why do I always feel the pull?
It doesn't cease.
I can feel you think of me.
I know it to be true.
Our hearts made promises,
that our bodies haven't kept,
and it's tearing me apart.
The distance in time or measure,
means nothing to it.
The bond we made,
gives it life that outlives anything,
outlasts any fight I have.
I am defenceless and wide-open,
crying in the dark,
tears that taste of the betrayal,
my flesh commits, every moment,
we are not together.
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