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When you feel all hope is lost
and he wraps his hands around your waist
He whispers " Am still here.."
you don't always need a crowd. Just that one person
x Jun 2019
i wonder if you see the fear in my eyes
when you show me your love
in hopes that i will compromise,
but i know i am not enough.
so instead i shove your face between my thighs
in hopes that, that will be enough.
because you see my dear,
no love lives here
can you smell the fear?
can you taste it?
as i open my legs for you?
as i lie in a bed for you you?
as my body begs for you?
Natasha Ivory Jun 2016
Im convinced, that the most powerful force on earth is Love.

Love. I fell in love with life.
Given the opportunity to open my eyes to a sunrise across a white sandy beach. Beaming rays rising, lifting my heart from the ache that devoured it these last few years. Love. I fell in love with the rain that fell upon my face as I danced with a stranger in the streets at nightfall..washing away the age I carried after my last heartbreak. Love. I fell in love with laughter as I allowed myself to wholeheartedly laugh from the belly and simply let go..being fully present with the smiles surrounding me and falling into the freedom of acceptance..
Love. I fell in Love with God again... as I soaked up all of the beauty that surrounded me...feeling the fabrication of each of these moments.."meant to prosper and not harm"
As I let go of the guilt of life's stumbling blocks.
Love. There's simply authentic, genuine, pure, honest, real, absolute love.
It Heals, holds, lifts and reconstructs the heart, instills hope in the hopeless, fills the gaps where life's afflictions wear deep, and creates a warm invite of compassionate approval and a kindness so literally revives the Soul
I wrote this after arriving home from a vacation to Honolulu, it was much needed and the time of my life.

Copyright © Natasha Ivory Evans 2016
KittenJesus May 2016
To love is like someone saying
they wont hurt you.
For a second
you believe them,
but you know that
they will leave,
they will cheat,
they will no longer love you.
you only truly
learn the meaning of
love when you are
Abhinay Renny Jan 2016
"DREAM"  is journey,
portraying subconscious plot

"TO DREAM" is a journey of
Picturing the person's passion.

"LOVE" is a journey
loving others as yourself

"TO LOVE" is a journey, to
give,forgive and live.
Bryan J Townsend Oct 2014
I tried,
      you know.

I tried to think . . .  
         (what it would be like
to love some one besides
                                           you. .) .
but in doing so i realized
for me it is not
to love
But you.

— The End —