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JCabanilla Jun 21
You promised to stay,
Woke up not feeling okay.
You left far away.
It's a promise between lovers. The protagonist cannot forget the promise they made tho the promise is already broken and he/she was already left alone.
Gabi Brock Mar 4
You promised not to break it
The promise that you made
Now the shattered pieces
are embedded in my hands
I held on way too tightly
to your promises to me
you said you wouldn't break it
I guess that must mean
that I broke your promise
the pieces made me bleed
when they break a promise
Sky Oct 2019
Why do you think I'll be quiet this time?
All that you said were filthy old lies.
I've written a letter, it's addressed to her,
The truth that she maybe needs to know?
Before making a choice to spend her whole life with you,
A person who wished that I was his only truth,
How do you guys just turn off all your love?
And chose someone who clearly wasn't enough.
I'm sick of your lies, you broke your promise,
To stay as a friend, you treat me like nonsense.
You've made your choice, I want to make mine,
To set the truth free, so that I can fly.
You had your chance to make the things right,
But made it all worse by staying aside,
I'm not some trash and you need a lesson,
Promises broken can turn really messy.
You'll make my life hell, I know that for sure,
When that all happens I'll be living no more.
hannah Jan 2018
I sat there
waiting for you to get home
you came in and grabbed the beer
I ran upstairs and locked my door
you broke the promise
"I will never drink again"
I hear you drop the dumb can
tears start running down my face
I scrambled around my room
something that could hold the door closed
"a chair!That's it!"
I grabbed it and say it in front of the door
I looked at the window
"Open up"
I smashed the window opened
and tried letting go
I tried to take the step back
but then I stepped forward
I opened my eyes
and there you were by my side
I looked at the window
still attached
not broken
just a dumb dream
you then opened your eyes
I smiled and said
"hold me"
I then realized you I can never let go
you are my home
OnceWasAskim May 2019
You don’t deserve these poems
You deserve the silence you enforced upon me
I write these for me and me only
My private refuge. Just me and pain

I can’t pinpoint the exact moment it happened
The silence. The cold
Like a train wreck so mangled it’s impossible to know where it begins and ends

I can remember the exact moment I realised
Realised you’d gone... again
Gone and broken every promise we’d ever made
Flung me into darkness
Chaundra Apr 2018
I made a promise to myself
That I wouldn’t allow myself
To be your second choice
A tool to cure your loneliness  
but yet I find myself
on this lonely evening
In your bed
once again
I was just an object to him
Tink Nov 2017
A promise is like a sweet wine
like a nectar by the ancient Gods,
the sweetness to hold on,
that warms your heart
and lifts you up.

A promise to be there for you,
a promise you will never walk alone,
a promise to stay in touch with you,

and yet such promises are like a breeze,
said today but gone tomorrow.
What once lifted you up
is pulling you down,
what warmed your heart
rips it apart.
y Mar 2014
I'm staring
at the moon
and it reminds
me of you.

because you said,
you love me
to the moon
and back

but what happened?
why did you leave?
did you honestly,
mean those words?

or it was just
one of your
little white lie?
Elah Naldo Apr 2016
mourning and crying
over the past
for the memories that vanished
and time that has passed

wanting to satisfy the crave
for the broken promises that i broke
for the wasted time that i wasted
for the chances that i lost
*darling, it’s just hard to start again
Joyah Nov 2015
Hell, isn't it?
Your insides yearning to flee.
Don't give me that look, you ****!
You deluded yourself, not me.

Didn't I warn you?
Didn't I tell you to stop?
But you said you could handle it.
You said you'll never tap.

But why is this house now empty?
Where did the warmth go?
I told you it will never be easy.
But you opted to start the show.

Now you left me with nothing.
As you ran yourself to hide.
You just proved again what a fool I am.
For trusting you sublime.
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