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Madhumita Apr 22
Those who fear being misunderstood should
not get into the business of creation.
Nor should they who only want to be good.

Absolute truth is a piece of fiction.
What you create no longer belongs to you –
always subject to interpretation.

It is cathartic to create something new
even if it does not serve the purpose
you originally set out to do.

If misunderstanding makes you nervous,
remember, being understood can be worse.
NaPoWriMo Day 22
Poetry form: Terza Rima
Candi Mar 15
Amongst the smudges I see a hidden face
Round in shape and trying to peak through
A story to tell but was once erased

Conclusions about a face that someone else drew
Secrets inside but tucked deep away
A story of time that was misconstrued

The solemn lips parted as to say
If only you'd ask you'd be surprised what you could learn
A pity the lips were not molded from clay

To withstand time making this story easy to discern
All ambiguity removed nothing left to gauge
But now this phantom creature is left to yearn

Silently dying to pour her story upon the page
But content with waiting to be inquired
Forever subjected to be in this cage

A beautiful specimen destined to be admired
Until the next becomes inspired
I did a mini exercise to write in specific styles to try to and break from my typical rhyme scheme. This was my Terza Rima attempt
Unang gabi sa huling sandali
Nag-aagaw ang ilaw at dilim
Katahimika'y namamayani.

Nakatayo sa gilid ng bangin
Isang hakbang tungo sa libingan
Nakapikit ngunit nakatingin.

Sumilip ang buwan sa kalangitan
Hudyat ng katapusan ng duyog
Tuluyang bumukas ang pintuan.

Lumiyab ang bawat alikabok
Mga alitaptap na dumadapo
Sa bawat sugat nangingimasok.

Buhok ay nagsimulang lumago
Sabay sa pag-ikli ng hininga
Nagpupumiglas sa bawat pulso.

Isang bulaklak na bumubuka
Dugo at ginto ang tanging dilig
Usbong sa hungkag at tuyong lupa.

Buto at laman ay nanginginig
Balat ay nagsimulang uminit
Halik ng apoy sa pulang tubig.

Umuungol sa bawat pagpunit
Likuran na may bagong pasanin
Ngipin na sukdulang nagngangalit.

Nakalutang sa payak na hangin
Kamay ang nagsisilbing kandila
Maglalakbay sa tulay na itim.

Isang sulyap bago kumawala
Ibinuka ang pakpak na pilak
Huling yugto ng pakikidigma.
11 November 2018

© Khayri R.R. Woulfe. All rights reserved.
Nikhil Krishna Oct 2017
“Ill will bides me to write this
But know your heart’s bliss”

Relaxed I lay, Read these lines
At once, I am reminded of you
My love, dancing in the pines

I remember you, gallant in blue
As we departed, it left a sour note
But when you returned, my heart flew

We tell the stories and quote
One another, as we raise our glass
“Here’s to everlasting friendship”, we vote

I have travelled the darkest pits of hell en masse
You tasted heaven’s sweet fruits.
And grew in demeanour and class

Traveled we have, faced vast brutes
And here we are again
In the same spot that we met to boot

I stare into your eyes, erased all my pain
I see a mirror to my soul
Blackened and vain

Free, I am from my Sole
Purpose in your arm
Let us embark on a stroll

Know my love, for all your charm
I am yours, until the final knell
I am there lest no harm

As we gaze, I have fallen to your spell
Life is worthless until I spend it in comforting hands
Without you, life is a living hell

Then I awake, disturbed from my plans
Shattered, I realize, how I miss thee
I have lost you to the sands,
The cruel sands of time

— The End —