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Ramsha Jul 2018
It's better to be a lion for a day ,
Than a sheep all your Life.
Ramsha Jul 2018
Hope is not just a word
Hope is a feeling of something you wish would come true
Hope is Itself a word expressing everything altogether
Ramsha Sep 2017
She was a dreamer
with beautiful dreams
an ordinary person
with high esteem goals
she was lost....
and had no option but to
live life that way......
Ramsha Jul 2017
She was his insanity
She had an other part of her life being insane for someone else....
Ramsha Jun 2017
"A memory is not the one
that comes when you're alone,
It's the one that comes
when you're amidst a crowd,
but it still makes you feel alone."
Ramsha Jun 2017
Communication isn't just about words, however, words are extremely powerful❤
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