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I don't want magnetic eyelashes
I want magnetic poetry
No Botox for me
Let me wrinkle let me age
It's alright to become who I'm suppose to be
Don't want fake extensions my hair is its own
It will grow out one day at a time
No need for microblading, highlights or ****** scrubs
Won't curl my lashes or disguise my wrinkles
My skin can tell my story through native lines
The burden of beauty is a fools game
I shall use my smiles lines as a accessory
Wrinkle creams will not fix your personality
I refuse to fake fuller lips
Acid peels are not for me
Cheek fillers full of botulism
Skin lasers to erase me
Hair removal will be with a five dollar schick
Keep your tanning beds and keep your Melanoma
Don't need Chanel or Louis Vuitton not paying 2,000 dollars for a handbag
I will be just me
Sara Kellie Jun 2018
Flicking through your magazine,
you want that perfect face.
Put it on your credit card,
become the perfect Wife.
May as well go the extra mile,
book yourself in for a new hairstyle.
Get your nails done,
you might as well.
Something bright
so your friends can tell.

What did it all cost?
You went too far but at least you
look like your favourite star.

After all, let's have no doubt.
To look like this is what
life's about.

Isn't it??

Poetry by Kaydee.
Media driven look-a-likes and shiny, plastic pod people.
Donna Aug 2017
My friend had Botox
Now she looks like a strange fish
I love my wrinkles
Botox looks weird x
SassyJ Feb 2016
I had me a botox in the middle of the night
Don't offer me a bed as I can't unlock the light
I am so cold my breath is over the faint might
Don't run back as I can't bear your grey sight

1,2,3,4,5..... I'll climb up this mountain in tights
5,6,7,8,9... I'll shout on and on as my vocals fight
Hide that smile is not bright, germinating blight
On the count of 10, I'll fist your toe, it's my right

This pen is the only weapon I got in my isolation
The words from inside escapes to another  location
Introverted but logically attuned in many a motion
I can't face you directly to answer your urgent notion
Brendan Sansome May 2015
Botox on the high street
A jab for flabby jowls.
Is it any wonder people
Exist only in their heads?

Social media selfies taken
From above in unnatural light.
Is it still shocking people
Hate the boring everyday?

It's not easy to like yourself
In a world obsessed with image.

— The End —