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Sara Kellie Jun 2018
Flicking through your magazine,
you want that perfect face.
Put it on your credit card,
become the perfect Wife.
May as well go the extra mile,
book yourself in for a new hairstyle.
Get your nails done,
you might as well.
Something bright
so your friends can tell.

What did it all cost?
You went too far but at least you
look like your favourite star.

After all, let's have no doubt.
To look like this is what
life's about.

Isn't it??

Poetry by Kaydee.
Media driven look-a-likes and shiny, plastic pod people.
When you look to the sky
Do the clouds form shapes,
As they float on by…
Depicting emotions I dare not face?

Does the sun shine
As bright as my smile
Peaking behind each “I’m fine”
Bringing out my inner child?

What about the rain...
Does it tell of my hidden sorrows?
Do you see the reflections of my pain...
With every drop, hopes for a better tomorrow?

Does the sunset reveal
The shades of my soul?
Even those I conceal…
Blending with all things dull.

As the snow blankets my past
Does it appear pure and white?
Are you baffled by the contrast…
Cosmetology of each plight?

With each breath you take
Is my scent inhaled?
With each test of fate
Will our love prevail?

As the tides push and pull
The waves, my thoughts, crash and retreat.
Moon illuminating high and full…
Do I make you feel complete?
February 4, 2014

— The End —