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at times i feel like i'm going to erupt
like a volcano
or crumble like the berlin wall
or be like humpty dumpty
and take a fall
or break into pieces like the berlin wall
but instead i stand strong like an oak
not this time i will not choke
just rambling
Maegan deme Mar 9
you're so **** smart you're stupid!
it's watching Albert Eisenstein walk across a road
without looking.
the irony is
you know what you're doing
you smart ******* *******
you wanna be dumb
so you don't have to be smart!
its a stupid act
from the smartest person i know
lol this is kinda **** ****
phoenix Dec 2019
how could I be that easy for you to replace?
I destroyed my reputation for you
I destroyed myself for you
I never did any wrong
and in two weeks I was a memory?

you were everything to me
my diamond
my star
my heart

no wrong I did
no word you said
no matter what
no harm ever came to you

so when your new friend hurts you
and you come crawling back to me
I  tell you
I forgive you
but you will never be able to call me your friend
ever again

I hope it was worth it
Aj Jul 2019
She's a good girl with naughty thoughts
She thinks of him , her stomach gets knots
Her eyes close and she can smell him
His touch makes her world dim
Her thighs squeezed at the sight
The sound of his voice sparks and ignite
Her brain thunders under the cluster ****
The naughty thoughts is more than a buck

She just wants to be his ****
Degraded, roughed up like a nut
Choked; she has no air
When he's laying on her bare

He loves the taste of her soft sweet skin
As he pushes himself at her  chin
He breathes in deeply as he push
Her soft smooth butterfly makes his blood rush
Her legs tremble and her body feels explosion
He doesn't as she loves the erosion
Both releasing themselves with their aroma in the air
Inna W Nov 2018
And someday when the rain still falls, you will believe,
I'm not the monster that you think.
So bare that pain and go and see the sea you own.
Be alone and become the reason I live for
and in the end when the pain hurts the most
call my name and try to not get lost
In the memory of doom and in the sea of blood I will come
So please bear that alone
and remember
I will come when it hurts even more.
I'm not really a good writer, but I'm trying to improve and if you have any tips I will be more than glad to hear them
Taylor Shelton Mar 2016
There was a storm
Where I played in the wind
Tree branches  mimicking my movements
Looked at them in a strange way
Wondering what they were doing
And I didn't know that there was a storm
You looked up to the sky and you saw it but
Said nothing and walked out
like saving me was out of pocket

Laziness maybe was what you had
But I know you don't care
What gets tangled in my hair
Or what wraps around my lungs
Or how my death will be soon because of all the things you flung around

The storm was  brewing
Poured in all the perfect ingredients
That's what you were doing
That's what you had
Looked up rainy clouds
How to make
Now you're gone and it's raining out
J Jun 2015
I'm missing you like crazy,
Surviving ain't easy.
Without you I'm lazy.
My thoughts so noisy,
While I'm feeling so lonely.
Everything so empty.
Maybe you aren't ready,
So let's not get hasty.
The time we've got are plenty.
Let's start friendly,
Then we can get steady
Even until we're twenty.
The possibilities, so many.
So everything matters, even how petty.
I wouldn't want any.
Except the one with you already.
What a terrible poem, but I've spoken yet it's quite broken. Such a bad rhyme, should've put more time, but it's just this onetime.
Skypath Sep 2014
I've never been religious
But if anything were to convert me
I think it would be you

I've always trusted Mother Nature
To make volcanos and waterfalls
Great Plains and temperate forests
But I'm not sure if she could create
Such perfection as you

An entire galaxy was pulled into your body
Swelling and expanding
New memories are the birth of new stars
Every scrape and bruise creates cosmic wonders

The Caribbean has nothing on your eyes
Swirling fairy pools that I would not mind drowning in
At all
In fact
I think I'm already sinking

Your body was carved by rivers thundering through a canyon
Carving your every edge and curve
A river still running through your veins

You're a perfect constellation of skin and bone
A forest of beauty lit by your flaming heart
I don't know
If nature could create that
So if there is a god
Thank you
to both Faith and George and everyone else

— The End —