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Inna W Nov 2018
Total strangers, but I guess that's fine
You don't know me otherwise
I love you most, I don't know why,
for me you are the clean blue sky
And I am there, you don't know or care, but I standby
You never come and I don't believe you will pass by
For me you see, like people say,
"hopeless but still hope" you apply
And when you're sad, I am too
Me, that total stranger for you.
Inna W Nov 2018
And someday when the rain still falls, you will believe,
I'm not the monster that you think.
So bare that pain and go and see the sea you own.
Be alone and become the reason I live for
and in the end when the pain hurts the most
call my name and try to not get lost
In the memory of doom and in the sea of blood I will come
So please bear that alone
and remember
I will come when it hurts even more.
I'm not really a good writer, but I'm trying to improve and if you have any tips I will be more than glad to hear them

— The End —