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Darryl M Jul 2019
That look you catch in his eyes,
as he slowly thrusts in.
That rush he forces into you,
as your eyes display the gasp.

That moment where she grabs on him for her dear life,
Till she admits; 'she can't do this anymore.'
She has no signs of claws,
But those scratch marks she always leaves behind.

That cuddle he gives, as he feels her teats,
even better, when lowered to her ***.

His scalding fingers moving up for the hair pull,
Then down knot-tied to the neck.
A snake, fang-loose, be her moan.

That friction he gives her mental,
everytime he whispers a "shh" ballad...
                   -giving thought *******,
                   -just a little dose to make her flip!

"He owned me entirely,
And fed me my own soul,
At the palm of his imperious hands."

"At that moment I knew,
I was her whole world,
And my whole world,
Laid on her."

                  -Unto me,
                   She was an animal,
                   But she found a beast,
                   and craved for my claws.
Flabbergasted by Desire.

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Rosely Medina Dec 2018
Someday, my darling, I will bloom a ravishing bloom. Butterflies shall hold astound as my lavish colors wander dull skies. Fireflies will stand in awe as my luster illuminates the nights. Bees shall not discern me beside the rest of the blossom. I will bloom heavenly.
Samreena Lodhi Jul 2018
Sun is trying to peep through the clouds,
breeze is there, without making a sound;
There is light spreading all around,
but the rainy clouds will start to astound.
This nature spell will keep you bound,
so you better stay firm and not swound.
Crysta Gingras Apr 2016
Here’s a short little poem
To give a start to your day
I hope it’s a good omen
To wake up to a stray
Who’s words will bound
Right up off the screen
For you, to astound
My angel, my queen
Good morning darling
...she doesn't like to be called queen haha!

— The End —