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Aayasha khan Aug 2018
we talk
I gawk
into the abyss we walk
do you see how those empty eyes spark...

I do
we do
love each other ado
your secrets I accrue...
blood spill
hearts drill
tring tring we fill ear to ear through vaudeville
commotions instill ...

strangers once
enchanted into the same ambience
parting through resilience
into Oblivion...

you should not
I shall not either
drift back to that oneness once sought
whence hearts of ours aflutter...
A simple poem for you all.. feel free to predict it your way :)
Shofi Ahmed May 2017
Come on the highway
to the Moon let's go.
Take a turn to the stars
Without further ado!
My Scarlet Amora Apr 2016
You were suppose to be my friend
Someone that I could count on
Someone that was going to be looking out for me always
But you weren't
You dumped pill after pill into my hands
And darkness into my heart
You promised to make my life better
But I could have lost it with you
I wonder if you even see what you are doing to others
You pass by without a care in the world
If only you knew how much you hurt everyone
How much you hurt me
I'm sure you don't
But I'm sure you wouldn't care either
And with that I must pay you ado
I would rather love myself then lose myself again
Thanks tho... for everything
Blake Canning Nov 2015
Of all the lands I've roamed till now,
I find my love in these
In the voices that I've come to know
Floating gently as the breeze

So calm and clear, the waters now
Of my restless crashing soul
To you, my friends, I give my heart
Which you all so kindly stole

For all the times we've lost ourselves
And been saved along the way
May we raise a glass for the times we've spent
Growing fonder every day

As grains of sand within that glass
Fall slowly to an end
There'll be no time I leave unspent
With the greatest of my friends

So as long as you are on my mind
I will keep you in my heart
At each journey's end there are more to come
Just waiting for their start

— The End —