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My Scarlet Amora May 2017
Here's the thing about destroying you life
Taking it apart one seem at a time
It seems like a great idea to just unravel and be free
Until the day repair becomes an option
But you've gone far into this rabbit hole
Taking everything from Xanax to addy, to oxy
You want your last days to be free and amazing
And then I met her
She told me she loved me for me
And my past
She said there wasnt a single thing she would change about me
Because what makes me happy is a apart of her happiness now
And broke me, and almost killed me
brought me to her
She patched me up and showed me life is adventure
Rocky a times with a couple turns
But for every dark hole there will be a warm beautiful beach
And to have that responds after years of self doubt and hate
Of years of mental abuse
And choosing to slowly poison my body until I couldn't feel
I felt
And I wanted to feel again
For the first time in my life I'm ready for the next day, and the next
And all of the days I get to spend with her
You'll never know what kind of state you found me in
I'm beyond glad we have each other now
Loving you has allowed me to have another chance at life
And I can't wait to spend every second of it with you my dear
I love you
My Scarlet Amora Jan 2017
Here we are again
In the same place i was in last year
I wish I could take it all back
Why do I entrust myself to people like you
Did you even listen to me
What about myself draws in people like yourself
So that I can rip that out
You lead me on
You promised me a brighter life
And then you took all my hope away
You broke me while I was already broken
Plain and simple
Why at my most fragile did I decide to let someone in
Ungrateful for myself
So here I stand alone again
Missing a piece that I'll never get back
My Scarlet Amora Jan 2017
I knew there was someone else
But I stayed
I stayed because you did
If you still loved me why would I leave?
It didn't bother me that we argued like lawyers in bed
Or that my anxiety rose when you came home
I thought that I had nothing to give you but love
And I gave it away willingly
Because I loved you
Anything you wanted I made it my life to get it for you
My sadness only made you angrier
My desolation began when you gave up on us
I wanted you to be happy
And I wanted to be the reason why you smiled

I knew there was someone else because you were happier without me
While I was lost in a world without you
Holding on to the single thread that still held us together
My only hope in life
You let go, and I went flying
Did you even notice when yours eyes began to freeze over when you looked at me
I wonder if you love her like you once loved me
Would she have stayed through all of the pain as well?
My Scarlet Amora Jan 2017
It feels like my eyes have just been opened
In this beautiful city, I am amazed
My old life seems to melt away and fly through the air above
The city with more history than us keeps me moving
I see your face in the harbor as a boat slowly passes by
Will I ever truly be free from this mental trap?
But tonight as I sit in the airport and watch people run by followed by a plan taking off
I realized something
We were always on different planes
Coming and going
Loving and hating
I feel free and and ready
Ready for what ever life is going to throw at me next
My Scarlet Amora Jan 2017
She was like white powder on my nightstand
She picked me up when I was feeling down
One inhale and I could feel her tingling through my body
Two inhales and Im gone
Gone away with her on this magical trip
My Scarlet Amora Jan 2017
In the dark i can find you anywhere
I know exactly were you are in space
Your breathing quickens
I need you so badly
Skin to skin yet not close enough
Can you feel my heart beating for you?
I can't focus on anything except for you
The way you keep looking at me
Makes me feel invincible and desirable
Theres a pain in my heart because I know the truth
Please don't let this feeling fade again
My Scarlet Amora Nov 2016
Its fine, Its all fine
I'll say it everyday
I'll say it when I misplace my wallet
I'll say ti when I stub my toe
I'll over say it when you leave me
Its all great and dandy
Finally feeling comfortable again with you and leave me
But its all fine
I'm still here
Stuck in an imaginary world where you still love me
Where your arms are open
And your soft lips are a smile on mine again
I think I'll miss you forever
And I'll always love you
But its fine
Its all ******* marvelous to me
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