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Keiri 2d
Bubbling in the oceans deep.
This is where I sleep.
Greeted by the white shark.
As he gently dissapears in the dark.

Charmed by the massive whale.
Who reunites with his female.
My fingertips streak the ocean's floor.
Nice and warmed by the earth's core.

Streaking over the lonely anemone.
To find out he was never alone.
Cuddled by shellfish.
I never wanted to seem selfish.

It all seems like a dream.
Gently flowing with the stream.
In the end it's just how I feel.
But for me, it'll always be real.
The beauty of darkness, and cherishing lonelyness. Accepting the events and understanding the consequences, however dark they may seem. Life is a chain of action and reaction, and only acceptation will get us out of the never-ending circles.
Keiri Aug 3
I'm a child and adult.
I don't see it as an insult.

I'm a girl and a boy.
I'm a tool and you're my toy.

I'm kind and sadistic.
You would see me sick.

I'm real and I'm fake.
I always lie for my sake.

I'm vage and I'm raw.
I never tell what I saw.

I'm positively a pessimist.
I'm the worst on your list.

I'm a prisoner of the free.
And I will never see.
Zoe G Jun 2018
I am making mistakes,
All the time,
One after another.
It seems it has no end,
Endless mistakes.
I want to ***** on a thought of it,
I want to scream and fight, but I am *******.
It can set me free.
Not yours,
Not anyone else's,
I have to forgive myself,
Let it all go.
I know that it is eating me alive,
The sorrow of my soul,
The begging of my heart for relive.
Relive of letting it all go away,
Relive of forgiveness.
So let's do it.
Let's forgive.
Let's forget.
Let's be free.
If only it could be so easy.
Being able to forgive ourselves first, is a thing we all have to learn how to do.

— The End —