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ARCH Feb 2018
Whittle down the memories
And vale of love
Someone who urge me
To Stand tall
With the blink of an eye
All past existence cherishes
My soul and happiness tie
Although I may not be there
For you that time
But believe me I was you
All the time
Venturing the dim light
Of your cries and fright
I'm sorry I couldn't save you
But believe me I was you
Pallestine beauty
Alas, I am only moments away
Be quick and painless should you be    
Coward I may be but sweet
Departure will set me free

Evergreen my soul shall remain
Forgotten my name so let it befall
Go my shadows and run free
Hurt I shall no longer feel

Iapetus bids me farewell
Janus takes my hand
Keres caroled hymns of a psyche finally joining the band
Loving the way that fate has been cruel

My steps begin to falter as
Nostalgia suddenly embraces me
Once more I am at the cross roads
Played by to suffer forever I will be

Quest of mine, I failed you
Reaching for eternal bliss
Seduced to cut loose
To be far away from my own inferno

Understood my reasons will never be
Vain your pleas will become
Walls of Jericho crumbled down as did my spirit
Xenophobic our world has turned out

Young and carefree cease to exist
Zealotry towards living shall soon come to pass
Äŧül Feb 2014
Holding me with the color of her skirt
Catching me with *nets
of her eyelashes
The time now is ripe for my *villainy

Yes I've long been to the kindergarten
*It's now time for my *evil wicked plans
Yes it's time for something sinister.

My HP Poem #529
©Atul Kaushal
A, B, C, D,
What do these really mean?

Dear me,                                      
Look what you've done,
More to yourself,
Left from little to none, and yet,
You rely on you small conscious,
Hoping to find your way,
Now, don't be cautious,
You chose to stay,
So now,
You got a price to pay,
And what did you say,

As soon as the words would come out,
The words would retract,
As they would react, on the inside,
To make it so simple to describe yourself,
So simple that,
You could use every single letter in the alphabet,
Starting from A through Z,

Shall we?
Let's start with the letter A,
First off you're an ********
Thinking you were doing things for the better, yet,
You were only doing it for yourself,
You didn't care how people felt,
If it wasn't you,
There would be no one else,
And who else? Other than you,
But it was you,
The one that, *everyone
would come to,
Finding out what was right,
What was wrong,
Man, please,
You act as if you knew how to write,
But you let your feelings come way too strong,

Now, let's move along,
How about to the letter B?
You sorry *** *****,
Yeah, that's right, I called you a female dog,
You mad bro? Cause I see it in your diary log,
Talking about the next one,
And then some,
Plus, all the ones that hurt your feelings,
Saying that, "Oh, it's not my fault!",
When you knew,
You obviously, knew that,
One was not your default,
But you knew that...
Didn't you?
Okay, so  I'm going to possibly put this into a four-part poem. I wrote this a while back but, I'm bringing this to public now as along with a few others that will be coming soon to a poet near you ;).  I will explain it in each part, but have you ever felt so negative about yourself you had to write about it? Every single detail that people recognize about you as well as you recognize about yourself? But trust me, there's a surprise at the end.

© Where all rights belong reserved.
Jevon Cuthbert

— The End —