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Stella Nov 2018
it feels like i´m running
like i´m running an i can´t stop
i can´t stay still
my heart beats so fast and it can´t stop

everything is Happening so fast

i want it to stop
but it doesn´t

i want it to stop

i try to figure out what´s causing this mess in my head
but i can´t find the answer

and it doesn´t stop

my head doesn´t stop to turn around

make it stop i scream
but there is no one
no one who´s listening to me
no one

i am alone

i am alone with my worries, my Feelings, my fears, my Problems

alone with the mess in my head
Stella Oct 2018

but why are the Voices getting louder
why is the world getting faster and faster
too fast
too loud
everything in my head´s spinning
the Lights get brighter and my heart´s beating even faster
i want it to stop
but it wont stop
i scream
i want it to stop
i beg it to stop
but it wont
and it never will
i try to calm down
and tell myself that

*start from top again
Stella Oct 2018
distance….259 kilometers
distance…849738 feet
distance...161 miles
distance...259000 meters
distance…is just an idea
distance…is only in your head

Stella Oct 2018
a day that never ends
fears, pressure and fake friends

playing with teenage hearts
seems just like playing cards

thousands of sleepless nights
and absolutely no rights

but where´s the education?
Stella Oct 2018
everything´s so far away
in front of your eyes but still miles away

suddenly everything´s coming closer
you feel the breath in your neck

you feel it coming closer

it starts to controll you
and influences your actions

it even took your thoughts
and ruined them

you smell it

you smell the fear

and it smells like vanilla body butter
Stella Oct 2018
a new beginning
the light after the darkness
everything becomes alive again
another chance

to change your mind
so you can finally find
what you´ve been searching for
the whole time

so open up your heart and eyes and go!
because the time flies
and in a few hours it will be night
…..and again

— The End —