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 Feb 2017 Stefan Michener
Look both ways
Stop before you cross
Remember the days
Forget about your flaws
Try on their shoes
Feel, they're souls
Spirits speak truth
Water fills my bowl
See through my eyes
Light bringing fire
Every star dies
Whirling black pyre
Burning bushes whisper
What I command of man
To do unto others
Whatever Good you can.
 Dec 2016 Stefan Michener
I'm ashamed; posting
these awkward poems; expecting
you'd read this and smile.
 Dec 2016 Stefan Michener
beware when you fall in love
with an artist
be it a painter, a singer, or poet

for the artist will
paint you
with strokes and hues
in shapes of every kind

sing about you
with heartbreak lyrics
and feelings which rhyme

write about you
with the simplest words
and a secret message she wants to say

beware of the artist,
and her love
one wrong move
and you're an artwork in her display
This is my war cry
This is my moment
My do or die.

When the heavens come crashing
down on me
when the mountains rear their heads in defiance of my existence.
When all that I know turns against me
seeking to wipe out all memory
of who I once was.

When the oceans rage
and the skies thunder
when the beasts howl
and the stars plummet violently to earth.
When the darkness consumes all hint of light
when the sun and the moon succumb to the night.
When my thoughts torment me
when my weakness is greater than it's ever been before.

When all hell breaks loose and its minions are unleashed upon me.
When the fear is crippling
when the hate hits its zenith
when hearts break
and all hope in me is lost.
When the rope that I held on to for so long snaps into shreds of dust
when the love I held in my heart gets ripped away.
When everything and everyone
falls into line to tear me apart.

I will not back down.

This is my defiance.
This is my battle cry
my shout of rebellion.

Come hell, come fire, come darkness, come storm

I will not back down.

This is my defiance
This is where I make my stand.
I will not lose ground,
I will make ground.
I will advance.
And I will conquer.
I will see the world
I will see great and wonderful things laid out before my very eyes.
I will see faces from the far corners of the earth
I will climb the highest mountains
I will bear the heaviest burdens.
I will swim the strongest currents
I will bear through harsh cold and fierce heat
I will never stop
I will never quit
I will overcome everything that is laid out before me
Nothing can stop me
Nothing can hinder me from achieving my goals, my dreams, my desires.

I am a loose cannon, no one can hold me down now
I am as free as the wind
as wild as the sea.
I am defiance
And defiantly I will rise above this tempest.
I will rise and I will overcome.

I am Defiance.
Try and stop me now.
 Nov 2016 Stefan Michener
i'm so tired
of being

both mentally and

i'm so tired of having
be present
to  be in a place i can't
to be in  a time i can't
relate to

i suppose my body hurts more than my tolerance

just since when did exist
become so  painful
ly  heavy?

my body falls
even    deeper
my body stinks
even stronger

i swear i
loved                           life
i swear i   lived          life

a life that
is not mine
a life in a      body     i do not
I swear I had snus
Sorely missin my chew
Well ding dang
I got myself the Copenhagen blues

Guess I'll run to the store
Cuz I just ain't sane
Without a little Copenhagen
I might forget my name

Looks like I'm makin a ***** run
I love Cope so much so
I gotta go get some

But when I ask for a can
The clerk says sorry sweetie
Just sold my last to that man
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