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Stefan Michener Apr 2016
It's been a long year
And will I ever see you

My life has eyes
For another man's sun
My eyes are blinded
By another man's sun

And I wonder
Will I ever see you ?

I've worshipped you
Since you entered my life
Now I'm staring alone
Into starless nights

And I wonder
Will you ever see me ?

With different eyes
That wane so blue
With distant eyes
I can't stand losing you

When destiny sighs
At the memory of you
Will these distant miles
Let you see me, too

It's been a long year
And will I ever see you ?

He'll never reach
The depth of your eyes
When you're by his side
Will you feel me there, too?

And will you wonder
If I ever see your beauty
Stefan Michener May 2016
It didn't rain again today
Savage Sun scorched away
Grass that held Sacred Ground
Withered to desolate Dust --
To Promised Land I'm bound

**** this Wasteland of Resentment
Bring me to enchanted Contentment
Lost and alone, I thirst and wander
Many Lives have withered to Dust,
Disoriented by disordered Wonder

In the Grasp of a murmuring Caldera,
Shaded by Cones spewing Hatred-Air
I followed the orange. sinking Sun
The Desert underfoot turned to Crust
At Nightfall, I swallowed my last Drink

Resolved to trod on until I dropped,
I tried to remember when Rain stopped
I keep a History of my hopeful Quest,
Keeping in mind it's "Boom or Bust"
Only the Angels know the Rest
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
A gashed and gaping pumpkin burns
emits a rancid rotting odor
greeting pre-diabetic heathens

Black cats and screeching bats
startle the littlest of the munchers
in a city decayed by blood and rust

A bridge tilted by a millimeter
lords over rushing river and splinters
struts in metal fashion before the storm

Gladiators hallucinate between concussions
Lions and christians and furry huns
leap from alleys and dumpsters and gutters

Bands play and march and dazzle
rippling brass and silver on a field
before brazen cheering plebians

Hear the song of a thousand dreams
a thousand shouts singing out of key
uncertainty brings the cacophony down an octave

Presidential box matches the drapes
Imagination finishes the vision of a short
master stroke invoking the myth of the tyrant

Setting sun on an amateur showdown  
in the shadow of an errant arc
choking the last gasps from a senile warrior

Passing boredom in a controlled climate
Cringes in a backseat with no batteries
dying echoes of "are we there yet...."

Babies and mental patients despair
over loss of closeness and peace
disappeared into dystopic hysteria

Hobbits and goblins and Big Bird frolics
in a sanitized concept of Hell
among treats and smiles and winks
Stefan Michener Sep 2016
I followed your trail of tears
to the watchtower on top of the hill;
but its rampart looks inward
and it mocks your other mother's womb

It's a monument to hatred and control
It strikes the hearts of the ignorant
in a cloudless moon-filled night,
alive with exotic eyes and invisible spooks

I'll take away your confusion and fear
I'll take away your paranoia and pain

I promised a kingdom waiting for you
If you're living on pennies and prayers
I promised satisfaction tomorrow
If you're hungry tonight

And because you cry yourself to sleep
I grant you a sunrise of laughter
You'll come when I call you
I'll take away these manufactured blues,

Bask in triumph over wickedness and rules
Your kingdom is paved with my intentions;
Come meet your new boss,
kinder and gentler than the old boss

I'll take away your hate and hunger
I'll take away the rain and rage

When I was hungry I took your food
When I was thirsty I took your water
I gave you manna, the wonder of wanderings
I gave you wine, the miracle of madness

I'll choke you with smooth soft hands
I'll smother you under a ton of feathers
and with a promise to join me today
I'll leave you hanging beside my cross

I'll take away your confusion and fear
I'll take away your paranoia and pain
I'll take away your hate and hunger
I'll take away the rain and rage
Stefan Michener Aug 2012
Snatched me up
From a bored volcano
Washed me down
Scrubbed my soul-hole
Of sincere shame,
Rejection and dejection

Knelt down to pray
Before me and the Almighty
Swirling down
Dirt spins in slo-mo
Went down the drain
Echoing choking gasps

Wrapped me warmly
With your eerie love
Filled me up!
As if you don't know
You've won again
Stitched my open heart

Smash a cup
On the floor behind me
Give me a breakdown
Cup of mo-jo
Hot seering pain
My selfish violations

Smelling so tidy
Like a lonesome clown
I give in
Time is so slow -
Ignoring blame,
I linger in consolation
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
Twisted-life symphony
It seems so real
Brimstone meet misery
Balancing on oily steel
so glad you're not me
Namaste metal thunder

I have to leave you
vacant online junkies today
with your video eyes
and your mouths gasping
playing your games
Namaste ******-headed rag dolls

You'll read a couple from Chechov
Admire the lines of Baryshnikov,
oil your friendly little Kalashnikov
under satellites and stations and junk
Namaste deaf, dumb and blind nighttime sky

You wasted your days with excuses
you played on your DSes
til they faded away like UFOs
carrying your doughyness
down, down
Namaste Friday night parking lot hometown

How large is the rock
Stopping my float
My rotten boat's making a
last trip from the dock
Promising ice-cold dark caresses
Namaste cold, crushing depths

How long is the rope
snaps my neck
So much loss of hope
in the blink of an eye
a bloated blue ornament
Namaste choking collar

Plug in now, oh wow!
Gigabytes in nanoseconds
Gigabods in nanomoments
Gigaflights in nanospans
What's a moth's life
Weigh dominion
Namaste my sweeter side

Why don't you join?
Are you scared of freedom?
Just flip this cosmic coin
Just a game, it's just a game
Filled with pain and ecstasy
Namaste en garde, sil vous plait

I think I might just play
lose without trying
play a freewheeling style
Nothing really matters
I'll come back hereafter
Namaste, hasta la vista
written under the influence of medications prescribed by my physicians and taken as directed
Stefan Michener Nov 2016
Don't mistake
misery for sincerity
from thoughts
zoo elephant
So eloquent
can't explain
and can't love


Stefan Michener Mar 2016
I live on another plane
Fulfilled my wishes,
In merlot dreams

I come from dark valleys
from sad, dead bushes
from dried-up streams

Avoiding the night cops
I stick to alleys and bus stops
I'm on an unspoken trek

Ears filled with whispers
Damning the dead sister
Angels skipped her train wreck

In the distance I can see
A dark, stone mansion
Moments before dawn

Lovers past
Hand-in-hand they cast
Themselves to the sea

The dark mansion is too far
For my tired disease
My lips quiver

Recalling the Tigris River
And the ritual char
I wake from a haunting dream

Naked, wet and cold
I did not
Wait for the rot

Some bodies float upstream

I stand at the iron gate
of the ancient mansion
Locked without

I kick, curse and shout
I'm missing a key trait
Moments before dawn

A strange body
Cloaked in filth
floats above me,

'You are too late to enter
Go wander!'
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
The fireman there dressed in black
With a helmet hiding his shame
They've hidden their words from ageless sages
But he can smell their decaying pages

Spilled ink is old and unimportant they say
It's contagious pages are flammable
For one second he reads the ancient script
Mesmerized by ghosts from the crypt

He collects the books to earn his paycheck
Weeps silently behind his mask of lost humanity
Building a fire with his blowtorch
He's sickened by praise from his cohorts

He hangs his head in his pitifully gray home
and remembered his grandfather's Holy Bible
The hidden truth between the ancient lines
Truth that hangs from a broken spine

The talking faces from an electronic scroll
Hanging from the plastered wall
Repeats lies between razor blades
Invading lies buried within its rays

He keeps an eye on the glowing eye
That surveys his every move
The dark faceless ****** creeps into his life
Even as he sleeps beside his wife

He closes his eyes in search of his Creator
But He's hiding or busy or dead
There must be others who search like me
Who are praying for serenity
RIP Ray Bradbury, June 6, 2012
Stefan Michener Aug 2016
Shivering, slippery and serious
Stepping from his warm bath, a boy
Outside, darkness brings a cold light
Glowing dream of a funereal toy

I catch you at the keyhole
Curious with a lecherous smile
Dare you to return this favor
To see you in a little while

I examine your shifting center
Expose your insecure debris
Swirling around each other
We escape to a raging sea

I blow your resistance away
So blows the notorious typhoon
I will possess your soul
I'm a dangerous lustful tycoon

I hold your luscious memory close
A photo of a fallen felon past
Tried to die playing with snakes
To prove my love hadn't passed

My gnashing youth restored
Awakened this ancient sloth
Come closer, share my anxiety
We'll eat from an impatient trough

It's filled with wine and roses
We'll grow out of our love habit
We'll live a surreal life
Let's leap and follow the rabbit

We'll take the pill with promise
A promise of continual joy
A promise of distorted memory
Glowing dream of a funereal toy
Stefan Michener May 2016
I gone fishin', ma Cheri
I built us a house on Blues Bayou
And set it on batons
To keep out the water
And Mister Raton

But the bayou gets bluer
As new days come to view, Cher
It was me, you once adored,
Hugged and cherished
Me, you've lately ignored

I thought real hard 'bout it
Decided it weren't worth it
To go huntin' for squirrel
So today I just go fishin'
See a vision of my next expedition

Ignorin' the light is impossible
Forever; you're bound to notice
Especially when it's not there
Even a flickerin' candle furnish
Enough light to see, I no longer care

So I step out the back door
Feel the rush of my fall
Into Blues Bayou for a quick swim
I'll dry out soon in my boat,
Find Mister Raton and trick him
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
I sit on this egg
It won't hatch soon
I mani-imagine me and you
Threads throom through me
They go, "Throom, throom, throom!"
Right through me
Thoughts of you
What I'd do with you
Umbulate throom me
I hope you like my
Plans for us
That's what I do
Sitting here on this egg
Keeping it warm
Stefan Michener Aug 2016
The flies have finally flown away
from the desiccated pieces of s*
lying around the courthouse

If I were in Saudi Arabia
I would be beheaded
******, the butterfly started

Dropping off on the lavender
puppies need to work on their camouflage
getting off

tomato plants,
monstrous in their own dwarfish way
march toward me at the bedroom window

Now I enter the guest room
the scene has changed dramatically
it's dark

there's a moaning almost
but actually a droning
the air purifier in the corner

great sleeping
White Noise
Jesus I could sleep for Generations

Now I'm pacing
I'm pacing up and down the hallway
back and forth

between the bedroom and the living room
and now here I am
finally in the solitary of my office

I look at my Wi-Fi printer
working great by the way
I admire its beauty

hardly any dust on it or static
I wipe the dust off
very beautiful

I look at the flickering lights
cable modem coming into the house
that is not the only religion
Stefan Michener Apr 2016
She sat in dusty shadows
Of an open-curtain window
Her winnowed shapes
Worn smooth in graven-memory
Though I did not find her there
Only old pitted thoughtscapes

Places plastered, buckled and bowed
A cast cast bitterly and thoughtlessly
Aside to collect dust and gravity
To crack and fade in anonymity
What secrets trickled away while
I was not there to watch over her?

Studying the near-face of mother
Her peace is a feature sculpted by
Knotted fingers long ago and fired
To create a lasting image for us left
Her secrets left from here
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
I am my sober side
Not the one you see
Drinking a slow suicide
I am not really me

I am my sorrier side
Not the one you hear shout
Deserving some soap inside
A foul insincere mouth

I am my somber side
Not the one laughing
Ignorant and amused
living In worlds of nothing

I am my depressed side
Not the one you feel
Tickling your fancy down the slide
I hide my face and kneel

I am my repressed side
Not the one you sense
Has hope in Hell on the outside
Of my lily-white fence
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 1)

I, like the bush,
I burn from inside out
But do not be afraid
My spirit is an ardent flame
Listen to my essence shout

Come now, up to my plateau
Up here, where the wild ones go
You'll yearn to let your inhibitions go
And learn to let your feelings show

Look into my woody thicket
Stare into its sinewy essence
Here and now, my prickly presence
Exists only for you

I, like the bush,
Mesmerize, with smokeless flame
Analyze, saying, "YOU are to blame!"
Hypnotize, your awestruck eyes
Criticize, recreate, shed your shame
I'll send you, with a push

Red-gold, hot licks glowing
To heaven, ember angels soaring
Your soul's strength restoring
The Spirit in you, you adoring

You now, are burning alive
But you are not afraid
For a force of you I have made
You are standing on sacred ground
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
I'll write you a letter
I'll write you a letter
I'll write you a letter
You ain't never gettin' better
When I write you my letter


Don't you make me do it
You'd'a wish'd you didn't do it
Don't stray from my will
My letters will **** you
When I write you my letter


I'll write you a letter!
I'll write you a letter!
My will you won't deny
You ain't never gettin' better
When I write you my letter

Say, "bye-bye"
bye-bye, now
Stefan Michener Nov 2016
leprechaun with riding cap
solitary sleeping avalanche
watch him tweeter on the edge
of fantasy round llama ranch

fall into an overture
shoot the applauding masses
wetter than the rabbits
cascading into molasses

dueling dollar and yuan
missives pointing to this guy
can't always get what you want
so shake your taxing habits

rocking and remembering
pay the peasant to do the deed
if you try some dimes
you get what you need

a lonely greta garbo hat
graces the desert dust
shining like new under the sun
pretending not to rust

hungry and thirsty,  
swallow another
hollow promise smiling; laughing
see them blindly follow each other

now the bones of our distress
blowing in circles like bits of dress
and jeans the skulls and jewels
don't walk run back to save a few more
Stefan Michener May 2016
At my girl's house today
She talk, talk, talk
Won't let me say
I need your love

I tell her give it up
I say, say, say
Girl you so messed up
I need your love

I hold her hand tight
We walk, walk, walk
She says it feels right
I need your love
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
If the weather is good,
it's too hot to play outside
dehydrate, incinerate

babies feel a little better
feel a little later
in the morning

Maybe my'll heart sing
in the morning
I'll feel a little better
Stefan Michener Nov 2016
I cross the bridge to nowhere, in the cold, in my underwear
Intense winds push me to edges, where I contemplate ledges
Looking down, spirits swim and stare; icy waters are their lair
I levitate and meditate; medicate with mental dredges
Such mundane nonchalance; my bridge leads to idiot savants

I would be crowned their King, kindred soul of unsound meditations
We've left our lost souls unburied, unhurried to right the carriage
Take a deep breath of the ether of dregs and suppurations
Take the one whom you love, not in marriage, in *******
On the bridge, I pass a young ponce and hear echoes of "Bon Chance!"

Purple rags greet me at the gate, royal flags of highest distinction
Winking my eye, scratching my head, the dead are now forgotten
Deep in my pit, so deep I forget, a pang of extinction
In my palace of darkness, no light will shine on the rotten
In the court of fools, coarse avowals can't be washed by the fonts

So lines are drawn by idiot courtiers and indigent warriors
Cities with no regret or sorrow, tomorrow trampled to tatters
Through smoke and burnt flesh we *****, we hope to soothe the worriers
We are all Babylonians, babbling on as if nothing matters
The bridges to nowhere we cross, we cross bridges to Babylons
Stefan Michener May 2016
Bright and blinded in dazzling sun
Your avatar is an amazing One
Blinks and breaths on the other side
You linger with hope and hopeless pride

Sudden thoughts zing with proud,
stuck-up snapshots and retorts
You finish each one with a ha-ha
Yucking it up like a Lady Gaga

Ethereal pokes and inane texts
******-up wall-scrawls so complex
This graffiti stammers and sings
in the Spring and the Summer

Stuck in this hole is the virtual martyr
Following a hollow chocolate rabbit
Holding his clock above his fabulous pocket
Ticking gets louder as you go a little farther

Your eyes get blurry and your vision too
Sensing what it's like to live and breathe
Uncaring reality that seethes with living
Picking the ladder, you're searching truth


The blinking blue and amber lights
In purple darkness -- fretful frights
Screening over and over in your head,
You writhe and you scream in your bed

Hidden dreams of a Trojan horse
Plump with memories and remorse
They blink only once for each regret
Then slowly corrode your wasted head

What comes next is a return to thinking
Given up thoughtless grinning and winking
Those moments will wither and fall
in the Fall and the Winter
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
Scrunched down a little,
puckered around the eyes,
tuckered looking,
but long in the leg
and his hands were steady

He'd get mean, so mean
he'd even slap a woman
if she was a lookin' for it
But those were the times,
They was rough 'n ready

He smoked
He drank
He cussed
He spit
and he hated liberals

Some say he punched a horse,
and some say that was Eastwood
He'd kick Eastwood's *** and hand it to him
then pick up his hat and hand it to him
then go buy him a couple of shots

I would like to have met "The Duke"
though we'd probably not have gotten along
Tough guys are never what they seem, to me
He died and many good folks wept
They said America lost its last Hero

But Heroes come back
and some are non-smokers
and some don't drink or cuss or spit
And some even take things in their
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 2)

Sister, you know what it's like
it has more than just one purpose
it makes an evil sight, mighty

I shake it, make it wiggle, arouse your ambition
entertain you, enthrall you, quake you
eat up this inadequate competition

For you my rod can dance
for you my staff's enhanced
now come with me, baby
tonight's your only chance

I was aroused by the Bush
glorified and given the Push
now it's you who needs my push

You move with me in ecstasy
I'm seeing red as my staff I ****** upward
I hear your sighs over the rampart's falls

We've come together to another place
the intensity of our love kept us together
and my magic Rod put wonder on your face
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
Lithia steals away at dawn
From this monolith of calm
No way I can control her
She holds pieces of me in her palm

She fights like a tiger
Drugged and dragged
You caged her and enraged her
There's another one you've bagged
Dragged her into your bag

She pleads in the night
The night becomes her plight
My hold on her is tentative
Listless and stringless as a kite

She fights like a tiger
Drugged and dragged
You caged her and enraged her
There's another one you've bagged
Dragged her into your bag

Lithia holds pieces of me
Lithia holds pieces of me
She's hoping for release
She's hoping for release

She cops to a plea of heart thievery
But I'm still calm and in her palm
She cops to a plea of insanity
And I'm a monolith of calm

She fights like a tiger
Drugged and dragged
You caged her and enraged her
There's another one you've bagged
Dragged her into your bag

Lithia holds pieces of me
Lithia holds pieces of me
She's hoping for release
She's hoping for release
Stefan Michener Jul 2016
Grime and grease
sweat from the machines
I served
I filled myself with
magical herbs and
became a hero
in my country and
a broad with
tight pants and
filled my nose
running and suffering
for her closeness and
curiosity and
confidence and
She cleansed me
of my doubt,
promised me a slice,
a glimpse at her paradise
and she flew,
by god she flew
me to her cloud and smiled
as I opened my eyes wide
and my mouth
offered her an amusing place
to probe and
tease and
she lifted me like a thimble
gaping and
new and
hard then
threw me at desperados
lighting tiendas and
with peccadillos red hot,
random and
so in this way
I became a hero
projected from lady
liberty and
the rim of my sanity
caved like a caldera
of sin
Stefan Michener Dec 2016
Let me tell you about a pond
that's not here
It's dark, it's cool, it's alive
it's not for you
and me

Let me tell you about a pond
that's not there
It's hot, and it blows your mind
it's with you
and me

We'll stumble on our gills
to our brand new lair
munching air
and drunk with the thrills
waiting for you
and me

Let me tell you about a pond
that's not far
it's blue, it's quiet, it's lonely
it's calling you
and me

Come with me to a pond
the one nearby
It's not the same,
it's better for you
and me

We'll stumble on our gills
to our brand new lair
munching air
and drunk with the thrills
waiting for you
and me
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
Pyramid's mania
Languid pink lotus-eaters
Ominous and luminous
Faded to darkened scars
Eternity held the stars

My how you spoof yourself
Your puerile ferocity
Scuds' untamed velocity
'neath fearsome thunderstorm
Loving before you were born

Now you've gone too far
You're caught in vertigo
Spinning with nowhere to go
No one here you can call,
Nowhere else to hide at all

How's it feel all alone?
Just two inches tall, you stand
Onstage in a cold, strange land
Singing in a silver thong
Quirky tunes grace the throng

Laughter, hisses and boos
Chorus of ridicule
Pomposities of smug cool
Blinding radioactive rage
Taught in a tight cage onstage

You're clamoring now
Your timid voice starts to crack
Look to sky, no one looks back
Blood and sweat fuel the swarm
Furious scuds preview the storm

You ***** a mumbo
APOLLO Coventry hail
The Black Pharaoh wields his flail
Advent of El Diablo
Swiftly comes the deathblow

Aroused by gravity,
****** ground spins before you
******* tingle tango for two
Nobody is calling
You're fearlessly falling

The wind roars in your ears
Ridicule's easing winnow
Distorted faces in windows
Adagio Eternus
Virtue and Disgrace Opus

Beadle cleans the sidewalk
Of a Swan-song's human rubble
Whistling, he's forming a riddle
Dangerous timeless Sphinx
Bested by the modern Kings
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
As I think now of Skinner's flat
The Saturday fog was rolling in from the west
Man you should have come around
No noisy gongs or clanging cymbals
It was a cozy scene, so serene

Artie languished by the fireplace
With a fire blazing like an Olympic flame
Lying like an athlete suffered his last defeat
I didn't have a heart to catch the heat
Just a stone suspended in air

Skinner asked Artie about upstate
So I went upstream to smile for awhile
my mumbled asides tumbled soundlessly
It was a cozy scene, so serene
sitting there in our underwear

A reminder to breathe and
I couldn't hear it anymore
I know I've been a little crazy lately
Showing you my backwards slide
But man I was fine when I hit the floor

And no one knows what's in my head
You can't see that I'm hypnotized
If you take the time to look into my eyes
You'd see we share the same scene
You should have come around, baby

sitting there with my nose in the air
Stefan Michener Mar 2016
You look so lonely
Through misty eyes when I say, "I really care"
But the mist spilling from my eyes?
I can't say for sure

Well, the bells out in the church tower chime,
Burning clues into this heart of mine.
Thinking so ******* your soft eyes,
Offering signs that it's over, it's over.

But I don't know how to pray
To the tower, the bells, the mist
Yet they move me to love this thought
Of running away with you

So come on darling, put your arms around me
I found us some wings for at least one night
Stefan Michener Aug 2016
An alarm arrives like a storm through
leaves and petals -- not a cry nor a
wail -- a Tarzan yell, soulfully blue.

This exhalation, an incision parts the flora,

signals strength and the brave crash through
leaves and petals -- not a cry nor a

shout -- a command to a holy war, deja vu!
Don't reason, don't doubt; our unity
signals strength and the brave crash through

walls of oppression, injustice, and iniquity.
Leave judgment for history, glory for the survivors!
Don't reason, don't doubt; our unity

shall overcome the rants of disloyal liars,
who succumb to cowardice disguised as reasons!
Leave judgment for history, glory for the survivors!

Bury the past, honor the call! Onward Legions,
to exterminate the foreigners of another faith!
The final solution, a resolution: Heed the heathen's
wail -- a Tarzan yell, soulfully blue!
Stefan Michener Oct 2016
(Zion Saga, Part 3)

The old man stood on a mountaintop surveying all he could see
The young man beside him looked into his eyes, yellow with age
You will go into this future land of Kings and a Queen, said the sage
My Lord says I will inherit the dirt here, not the paradise in front of me

But you are our leader, savior of our people, bringer of our laws
Is it not right that you would bring us here, into our promised land
of milk and honey, of peace and prosperity, of G-d's open hand?
You fought your weakness at the Bush, you fought for Zion's cause

You used your powerful staff to mesmerize the Pharaoh's magicians
Your faith in God was evident as you cast it's spell and ate the rods
of the Egyptian Ruler's best; and when he still would not listen, G-d's
Wrath touched Pharaoh's officials but touched not the land of Goshen

So many adventures among even a rich history before us, impelled
you to set down these elaborate tales of miracles for the Chosen Few
Those with the minds for understanding and the right to know, too
They'll see this sacred knowledge you have written; I'll protect it well

Farewell, old friend and mentor, you have led us to the promised land
We have been borne out of a rabble of slaves into a blessed nation
You, our leader, stay if you must, but new leaders, Zion may shun
I fear we may collapse without you, and return to acts G-d has banned

And one more thing, do me a small yet important favor, please
Write down everything we talked about here this afternoon
Just scribble it down anywhere in here, or the margins will do
For I will not write, and since there's just me and you ....
Stefan Michener Jul 2016
This is my romance
I long to fly,
sunsoak, sundance,
buzz and sing

When I'm a bee,
I fly erratically,
looking for flowers.
to help make honey

Where are you, Queen?
I respond just to You
I bring my nectar only for you
I feel your presence near

Buzzit! I feel strange,
downright deranged.
What's that in black?
Is our hive under attack?!

Humans are very fine
targets for my behind.
Buzz, buzz, I make a pass;
Now he gets a piece of ***

Uh-oh, what's that smokin'?
Bzzt, I'm feelin' heartbroken.
Bee hearts are so tiny
And easily broken

I'm flying
so high now

I'm out of breath
I'm closer to death

I'm going down now,
I'm going to sleep now, dreaming
of my Queen in our Hive of Honey
When I'm a bee
Stefan Michener Jul 2016
I'm going to run to you
I'll stop by for a few
To fish in your spring

If your spring has run dry
Then I won't stop by
To fish in your spring

If your spring is blue and clear
I may come back every year
To fish in your spring

— The End —