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Katie Ann Jul 2017
i get all caught up
in the words you say
i forget i can speak
and i'll be okay.
Katie Ann Apr 2017
I dont think ive ever felt love in romance
So i focus on friends
And i find it hard to say what I mean
And i find it hard to tell you how i feel
Because sometimes im not sure
And my feelings are covered in fear
Of what you will do with them
And what you could do to me.
I just hope you have the patience to wait
Because i will tell you
I just need time.
Katie Ann Apr 2017
im trying to build houses but
youre stuck inside my head
burning them.
Katie Ann Mar 2017
i am giving you time
but i don't know
if i'm being patient
or naive
Katie Ann Mar 2017
your love letters used to make me feel
and then hate
but now
they are just words on paper
and all they make me feel is
Katie Ann Feb 2017
on my own,
I can accept myself
it's when other people enter my mind
that I crumble
thinking of how vulnerable I have to be
to let someone in
to my garden of weeds  
hoping that they have the patience
to see that weeds are still
i have not let my soil run dry
i have just
lost sight of how to grow
anything else.
Katie Ann Feb 2017
sipping on something
stronger than water
is the only time
i can feel something
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