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In a world plenty of cruelty,
inside and outside our cities,
are living the ones who are constantly being treated like 'nobodies'..

In a lake of pain,
they are drowning..
Under the rain of unluckiness,
they are living..
with nothing concerning humanity,
we are watching..
watching without doing anything..

For how long will they have to suffer?
For how long will we ignore their sorrow?
For how long will we laugh at their fate?
For how long will we let humanity down?
For how long?

Dying after living a life full of fun is something..
Dying after offering to people a simple chance to live a life better than they used to know is everything..
Learn to give..
you will thrive in whatever you do..
Sometimes it hurts when seeing people in situations we do not want to find ourselves into..
Help them as far as you can,
because we never know..
life is full of surprise..
you may need those people's help tomorrow..
So many things left unsaid,
A body full of life, but a soul lying dead,
So many questions in my head,
But the answers have been said..
Everything comes to an end..
The solutions that once god sent,
Became the problems set ahead..
Even though life taught us not to expect,
When it comes to love, it's a kinda reflex..
We give without thinking,
We live without fearing..
But not without expectations..
Small ones are a must in a relation..
We all wanna be loved,
After all a little bit of love we do deserve..
Not for others to see,
Only to continue to live..
In a world full of hatred,
Without love, it will never get better..
Even if it does not means forever,
Keep the good memories, move on and forgive..
Cause no matter when life will be over..
You know that it was a life worthy to live..
You want me to say what you wanna hear,
my words,
you cannot bear..

You want me to act like you expect,
when you actually show no signs of respect..

You want us to talk all day long,
whats the point?
to you,all of my words seem to be wrong..

This is not me,
I'm exactly what you don't wanna see,
set me free,
you don't need me..

Buy yourself a mirror!
accept me as i am or reject me right away!
Falling in love was quite easy,
Perfect? Everything seemed to be..
After all those years you were lonely,
You felt accompanied, finally..

You put all of your love and trust,
Knowing all you had to lose, you already lost..
Certain that this time it ain't burning down to ashes and dust,
You fed the love deserved you had in reserve no matter the cost..

You love with your heart,
So much that even your mind had no doubt,
To make you feel comfortable, it was not so hard..

So you love with your soul,
You dig down below,
And of much more love it started to snow..
As on her face, a smile starts to glow,
You got to know the 8th wonder the world got to show..

Uncounsiously, their happiness became yours..
And you loved being the cause..
Just like to keep the beauty of a rose,
You took great care of your love without a pause..

You gave so much love but at the end of the day, the story changes..
Now everything else but your love matters..
And you get to know how much falling outta love..hurts..

For a temporary love, it was a huge price to pay..
But hey, as they always say,
The good memories stay,
Nevertheless, you have to walk away..
We're living in a world full of technology,
Slowly taking down humanity..
Everyone wants you in your best days,
In your worst? Who stays?
They just put you in their recycle bin,
They leave you hoping,
That someday, somehow, you'll be restored in their memory..
That someway they'll stick to their vows,
And instead of saying chiao,
Instead of treating you like an accessory,
They'll start to act wisely..
If you wanna be someone special,
be yourself..
its special enough..
You think people will like you when you try to copy them?
Yeah,you'll be a good source of daily entertainment for them..
Try to be yourself..
You'll see the difference..

You were not born to entertain anybody, why will you risk losing your personality by trying to do so?
Be yourself!
Being physically weak does not mean that you cannot reach the peak,
in fact make of your weakness,your strength,
you'll see that to every success you wanna have,
you'll gain access..
Living a life with the fear of living means,
Living a meaningless life..
Be mentally strong!
Live your life no matter the number of surprises!
Be the writer of your own destiny!
came across a beautiful poem saying that being 'physically weak' means having to bear the worst side of the society..
i just wanna motivate the ones going through all this without the help of anyone..
whenever possible,
help people,
you never know when you'll be in problem,
but you surely gonna need them..

For sure,you'll leave this world alone..
but it does not mean that you need to live your whole life on your own..

Be the reason behind someone's smile instead of someone's pain..
Be someone's rainbow after it rains..

Give people new reasons to live,
instead of being offensive..

Happiness is when you're happy because you've made someone else happy :)
Be wise,think twice...
why use people when you can befriend them?
why cheat on people when life is not a test?
why hurt someone when you can actually be that someone's only reason to smile?
why don't you ask yourself those questions before hurting somebody?
I personally find my happiness in others' happiness..
Sometimes no matter how hard you try,
your objective seems to be impossible,
maybe because you are doing it with a thought of:
'why the hell am i doing this'
in your mind..
Do what please you..
Because at the end of the road,
you'll be left on your own..
Live your life in your own way,
or die regretting the things you didn't do!
Everyone will die someday..
but not everyone has the chance to turn their dreams into reality before dying!
Its never too late..
Do not wait for tomorrow,
because tomorrow is never going to wait for you..
It goes on..
..until your final day..
Bring your dreams to life!
Getting something everyday is what everybody wants..
Earning something everyday is what only a minority can achieve..

Everybody dreams..
Only a minority wakes up to achieve their dreams gradually..

Everybody wants to be famous..
Only a minority does it without causing harm to anyone..

Everybody succeed in every work they do..
Only a minority succeed with honesty..

Everybody can pretend to love..
Only a minority can love sincerely..

Everybody can pretend to care..
Only a minority really cares..

Everybody can live..
Only a minority can live with a goal in their lives..

Choose your side!
Honesty can eliminate corruption!
Sincerity can eliminate divorces!
True love can eliminate suicides!
Living with a goal can lead to a successful life!
Showing to people that you really care can change their fate!
Live your life in a way that nobody can ****** your earnings away!
Because there's a big difference between earning and getting!
HARDWORK forever pays!
Life can be cruel sometimes,
it offers you the best moments,
and later on,
hits you with a huge wave of pain..
don't you give up,
you'll sooner or later be under that rain of love..

Losing the one you love can be hard,
trying to live a normal life after that can be harder,
its better to lose the wrong one,
rather than spending the whole of your lifetime with the wrong one..
Losing people is a sign from god,
yes a sign that you're worth better,if not the best..
because you're not like the rest..

For a friend of mine..
Never give up D.
We all love to have control,
Over the things we were craving for,
And unlike the stories we've been told
There's gonna be a time where we're all gonna fall..
Losing control happens to anyone and for a specific reason, don't blame anyone for what happened, learn the lesson and move on..
For months now, covid-19 has been ruining our lives,
Maybe it's just a way to make us realize,
A way to make us open our eyes,
To see and feel the wounds of the ones suffering inside..

For years mankind has been ruling on earth,
Treating everything else in a way never deserved,
Maybe for us, karma had this in reserve..
Not able to go out is getting on our nerves..

What about those animals who are always caged?
And those on the roads who are regularly savaged?
Mankind has caused a lot of damage,
So many that it provoked nature to be outraged..

They say that we reap what we sow,
And all we've been doing is destruction in a row..
Because of mankind, nature is running low..
And it tends to be worst the further we go..

Nature has been here since forever,
And we will no longer exist without her..
How can we pray to god for a better world,
When we are the only ones making it bitter?

The solution is simple,
In order to last longer than a burning candle..
In harmony we must settle,
Whether it is with the animals..
Poor people,
With the nature,
Because this should have been our culture..
Not killing or ignoring the others just to be superior..

We all contribute to the well-being of this world,
Letting one element down is like driving a car with a wheel punctured..
Protect mother nature and her love we will earn..
Provoke mother nature and we will continue getting the punishment we deserve..
Neither being you nor being me is easy,
We all wanna be somebody,
The thing between you and me?
Is simple as can be..
You impress with your body
And I express with my poetry..
We are all different but still equal,
And what protects this equality,
Is humanity..
No one is superior,
And no one is inferior,
As far as you gonna respect the others, you will be respected
You treat her like the rest
still you want her to estimate you like the best..
'I Love You' is what you say
but 'I Hate You' is what you show..
Is this your love?
Is this the way you care?
well, it may not seem fair but i don't think the reason is one of the above..
Face the truth..
You are afraid to love..
You're a unique specimen who has come from jupiter and who knows nothing about love..
well i tried to mix a bit of seriousness and joke..
it may not be the best but for sure its not like the rest :P
They are always here for you,till the end..
...till the end of your good time..

You are important for them..
when they got a problem..

will never let you alone,
until they are done,
you won't even realize when they are gone!

its better to have a circle full of enemies..
..better than having a circle full of fake friends who'll wait for the perfect time to stab you in the back..

Do not be too loyal to some people,
because once they stop talking to you,
they'll start talking about you!

what goes round always comes round!
wait for your turn ;-)
Falling in love can be the best of feelings.. well as the worst of feelings..
Love with your heart,not with your mind..
but use your mind sometimes to avoid being blind..

I guess that we all know the consequences of loving blindly,
we have all been through this situation at least once..
If you have not, you're lucky enough..
but can fall in love at any time with anyone..
Festivals are appreciated by many just because they mean public holidays..
Some of them may also be holy days..
and they also reunite us people together..
They are the days in which there are no enmity..
but only unity..
the days in which everybody are supposed to be happy..
Today is Diwali,
a festival celebrated by Hindus,
but this does not mean that only Hindus can celebrate it..
Its all about sharing and helping other people,eliminating the darkness and most importantly,
bring light in your house,lives,and in the lives of others..
Happy Diwali to ALL of you guys!
#Share #Accept #Love #Peace #WeAreOne
Once again i thought that i had somebody by my side,
after all those rides,
the memories you left inside,
leaving my side is what you decide..

Now,here i am,laying on my bed,
thinking of the words you said,
of the promises you made,
of the way you cared..

Still listening to our favorite song,
not believing that you are forever...gone..
Promises are easy to make but hard to keep..
don't make promises only to please somebody,
make them only when you know you can keep them...
Does it disappear when the only thing your heart is filled with is emptiness?
There are millions of reasons for us to be happy..
But that one reason not to be,
seems to be too many..
whenever you feel that you are lost without hope..
Remember that hope is not lost..
Its not the end of the road..
its just a bad day..
You may have a bad day,but not a bad life..
if you think you have a bad life,its simple..
you don't know how to live it..
but once is enough if you live it correctly..
What is humanity?
Does it exists in only films or as well in reality?
Do you think that acting humanely is equal to ignominy?

Humanity is present in each and everyone of us..
Its a choice to be made just like hatred and trust..

Humanity is the only missing element..
a world like ours,god never meant..

Poor ones sleeping on the streets,
while rich ones under their royal bed sheets..

Poor ones dying gradually because of the lack of bread..
Rich ones dying slowly and painfully puffing their cigarettes..

What if you rich guy,
sacrifice your cigarette and give the poor ones some money to buy,
the things on which they rely..
..rely to live their daily lives..

It would be an opportunity for the poor ones to live for at least one more day..
and an occasion for you to stop smoking for a good cause..
hence offering to yourself more:
minutes,hours,days,months,years,.. live for..

Humanity is a choice to be made,
for,its not paid..
but certainly allows you to help the ones afraid..

The ones afraid of dying tomorrow,
leaving their children in sorrow..

afraid of not being able to live for one more day,
to try to offer to their children a better day than yesterday..

afraid of not being able to make of the lives of their children a brighter one..

Make of humanity a MUST!
Martin Luther King: "Make a career of humanity, commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights. You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country, and a finer world to live in."
Humanity is lost..
lets find it again..
lets bring it back to life..
because the world will never be the one we dream of without humanity..
There will always be a time
That will we have to say goodbye..
On the things or on the ones we once relied,
And that's life..
No matter how hard we try,
We are all destined to die..
Against this? We won't be able to fight..

They talk about heaven and hell,
But who cares if it's fake or real?
What we are sure of is here..
And at the end of the day, it's clear..
Our fate is sealed..

So live a life you dreamt of,
Why hate when you can spread love?

You belong to today,
And no matter what they say,
You know you've got this life at stake..
And you ain't letting it go to waste..
#Tomorrowisamerepromise #Todayisthechancenottomiss❤️
I had a dream..
a dream in which the world was still pure,
barely touched..
The only houses were made of wood..
The only sound i could hear was the sound of nature..
The inhabitants i saw,were happy even though they had nothing linked to technology..
They were not wealthy,but surely healthy..
Children were learning to their parents themselves...
They had no five star hotels,but they were happy with what they had to eat..
I had a dream,where there was peace among the inhabitants..
They had respect for each other..
There was no difference in their statuses..
and most importantly,no one was poor.. i said, it was a dream...
i was awakened by the loud horns of some cars,
it was undoubtedly an accident,
i heard the cries in vain,
the drivers were fighting to prove their innocence,well the ones who were still alive..
I looked through my window,
i was in the 'modern' world again,
buildings everywhere,the atmosphere was heavier than yesterday,lack of trees,people shouting,smoke coming out of factories,polluted rivers,..,and the peace was GONE!
Its never too late, lets make of this world a better one to live in..
if not for you, lets do it for the future generations
you don't care about them?
You gonna be parents or grand parents one day..
Imagine your life without Christmas..
without gifts,which on that day,seem to be a must..
Imagine your life without proper water to drink..
a life where you cannot do anything else about people's critics but shrink..
Imagine your life without any friend..
its not the end..
Imagine your life without your parents..
unable to pay your rents,
you would be on the street..
at night,sleeping without even a bed sheet..
waking up in the morning with nothing to eat..
Imagine your life without anything to give to your children..
forget about chicken..
Imagine that what you could afford for them were rotten..
because you have no money..

I hope you realize that there are actually people living in those conditions out there..
if you don't wanna help them, don't make life much difficult for them..
Respect cannot be bought...
Respect is earned..
whether you are poor or rich does not makes any difference..
Your personality do..
I want to run away,
away from where they want me to stay,
away from a world where everybody is living astray,
a world where the rich may overstay,
but where the poor are kept away..

a world where devilish persons are given love instead of hate,
a world where the poor and weak are being left with their old same fate..
they said
'In humanity have faith'

what is humanity?
where is sympathy?
All we are doing is hailing money,
instead of healing the needy..

we are living in a world where even animals are getting their rights..
but where the poor ones are still kept out of sights..
they who spend their nights without lights,
they who accept their fate without fights,
they who live their entire life without delights..
they who no matter what the day is,live their lives with every kind of frights..

Saving a life is more than ending your life with drugs..
Giving someone one more reason to live is more than being thugs..

Billions of people out there screaming for succour,
Yet all we do is show rancour..

We are all human beings,
Are we humiliated when giving the poor ones awnings?
Are the rich ones the only ones worthy of blessings?
Are they all gonna have the old same endings?

Rich,not everybody can be,
but everybody deserves the door to a happy life's key..

whether we're talking about a poor man or a rich man,
or a poor woman or a rich woman,
we are all human beings,
then what is preventing us from being human?

Be the light to guide those who can't see in the dark..

because it could have been you,
like it could have been me,
They can be saved by you..and me!
Together we can make them become who they deserve to be..
a somebody instead of a nobody..
I ain't running away because i still have faith in humanity..
We are living in a world where what is wrong is considered as right
and what is right is gone..
I thought that we were one nation under god..
that we've got the same blood..
but i was wrong..
because there is nothing right in the world we're living..
Corruption is ruining the lives of poor ones..
together we can fight it..
together we must fight it..
say no to discrimination and corruption..
Loving you seems to be so right..
I miss you at night,
just like every time i don't have you in my sight..

Happiness is having you in my life..
and knowing that i have got the perfect wife..

All the moments we have spent together,
will be forever the best moments in my memory..

I won't give up on us..

Its simple..I need you,
because i love you..
Tried to write something new for her..
Life is so complicated..
We are given reasons to stand up,
And when we do
We lose..
We move on for sure,
Again to something new..
The same? Remains a few..
Fear..that of tears, it will rain..again..
But it goes on,
We're never done..
Even though the reasons are gone,
We gotta follow the lyrics of this song..
Whether it's right or wrong..
What's done is done..
What's gone is gone..
Life..goes on..
La vie est un ensemble de hauts et de bas..
il n'y a rien qui puisse changer cela..
Tu n'as qu'a vivre correctement et tu gagneras ce combat..

La vie est remplie de surprise..
Tu peux etre riche et quand tu t'attends le moin,tout se volatise..
Tu peux etre pauvre et quand tu prend ton destin en main,tout se stabilise..

La vie,ce n'est pas avoir et obtenir
mais,plutot etre et devenir..
c'est comme ca que tu resteras a jamais dans des coeurs comme un souvenir..

La vie est un miracle..
avec confiance, evites les obstacles,
car ce n'est pas en regardant le spectacle,
que tu pourra etre au pinacle..

La vie est un mystere..
resoudre la a la facon adventuriere,
et de toi,tu seras fiere..

La vie n'est pas toujours celle qu'on esperer,
mais tant qu'on a la chance de respirer,
tant qu'on a le pouvoir de perseverer,
une vie meilleure,rien ne pourra en empecher..

Ne baisse jamais tes bras..
car ton jour viendra..

Tu peux te trouver confronter a de nombreuses problemes,
pensant toujours a te sortir de ces dilemmes..

Mais n'oublie jamais que tes problemes,

peut importe lesquels,
peuvent etre vaincus par ton perseverance graduel..
car la vie est belle..
french poem..
second french poem i've written up to today..
hope some of you understand french and that you like it..thanks
Life is a four letter word powerful enough to change the whole world🌍
It's plenty of surprises that cannot be seen nor heard..
It can only be lived,
till we meet what we were born for..
And we leave with the memories left..

How to live?
Who to believe?

Life is a moment,
And for you it was meant..
What's right for them can be wrong for you,
Cause only you knows what you go matter their point of view..

Don't let life be just another word among many in a simple dictionary..
Live it the way nobody else ever did..
More than 7 billion people,
And god is still creating instead of just photocopying..
Then why be a photocopy?

Only you knows how to live..
Life never deceives..

Be who you wanna be,
See life the way you wanna see..
Cause YOUR life has never been lived before..
Let them all out and close the door🚪
There's a specific reason why god chose to put only one specific soul in a specific body,
So that you're free to make your own choices..
Why listen to those voices?

Living a life already lived contains too much expectations..
You are one in billions..

What is life?

Lying on your death bed,
With millions of memories in your head,
As your vision fades away,
As time ticks life away..
You will find out that you've lived it's definition all life long🌼

Love the life you live, only then you will live the life you love💯
A life free of strife..
Without having to live on the edge of a knife..
That should be perfect,
We did things we regret,
Things we cannot forget,
But life goes on,
And we're never done..
Things we missed will come back again,
Yesterday's memories will drive us insane..
But what's life without ups and downs?
Sometimes we'll be crowned,
Sometimes we'll be clowned,
All this to set us apart from the crowd..
You can't be appreciated by everyone,
Cause you can't be anyone..
You may not be their star,
But at least you ain't faking who you are..
People will come and go,
The worth keeping ones you'll get to know,
Cause this is how it goes..
You'll get adapted to their yes's and no's,
But who to lose?
You can never choose..
And those who wanna stay,
To you? Will always pave their way..
And no matter what your situation, they who do,
will never ask for something new,
But will help you through❤️
For sure there's only a few,
But even if there's only one, it worths it if the feelings are true❤️
Sometimes i wonder how the world works..
Does it always hurts?
Does everything becomes rust afterwards?
What if i was not meant to be the first?
Is it really a curse?
I can't be the worst..
For sure, i ain't the best..
And i ain't in a competition against the rest..
Life ain't a test..
I just wanna live..
With the ones who won't leave,
I just wanna breathe..
And set myself free..
I don't wanna be chained,
Cause sometimes it's good to be drenched under the rain..
Sometimes it's good to feel the pain..
Cause when comes the sun again,
When happiness finally takes over the reign..
Everything will return the same..
The same again..
All you need is someone who don't thinks it's insane..
Someone who doesn't cares about the losts and gains..
Somebody..who knows what is pain..
Somebody..who will never let you feel lonely again..
Love can be felt..
for someone,your heart surely melt..
and for that somebody for sure you would knelt..

Love can be confusing..
you only count the times you're hurting..
but deny the fact that your heart is loving..

Love can be painful..
but remember love once made your life wonderful..
of falling in love you feel awful..
but love and only love turn your heart blissful..
no need to be fearful,
let love pull,
and of happiness your heart will be full..

Love seems to be your only weakness..
without which your life would be colorless..
indeed its your only brightness..
without which you would be lost in complete darkness..

Love you should embrace..
for sure,you need space..
but reality you should face..
without love,in this world we would all be misspaced..

Love is peace..
without which you would have only bodies..
with hearts full of unease..
so spread amities..
the problems world is facing will certainly decrease..

Loving is what you should be doing..
You suffered a lot from heart breaks but your heart still hopes to find the right one..
No matter how hard it is,
no matter how much you try to stop yourself,
you'll end up by falling in love again..
...until you find the right one for you.
On that day,you'll be stronger,
you'll feel the importance of those heart breaks..
because they were never only heart breaks..
They were also free lessons given by god himself..
You may not be happy every time,you may not be healthy every time,you may not be wealthy, you may not be successful every time...
but never estimate your whole life as a waste of time..
because god wants you to learn how to live in the world you are in..You simply cannot expect to be successful every time, you must also prepare yourself to undergo unusual situations in life...
you'll have to go through some unpleasant phases of life to strengthen yourself..
Have faith in god's decision and most importantly,have faith in yourself.
if you think that being with 2 or more woman at the same time means that you are strong or that you are more than a simple man..
You are wrong..
A real man is one who can keep his only lady happy..
no matter if its sunny or rainy..
he will always find a way to make his lady's day..
Are you afraid to show how much you love your girl? well you may..
but remember..
there is actually 3,477,829,638  man in the world,
so if it gonna takes you forever to make her feel loved..
be ready to form part of her past..

Same for you ladies..
Relationships have nothing to do with tests so why cheat?
don't expect someone sincere when you're not at all..
Love is estimated as a losing game for some,
or being with someone random..

i'd rather say that its a book,

all you need to search for, is a passionate reader,
one who will go through all the chapters without giving up!

Be a good writer,
find a passionate reader,
and remember,
you're not a loser!
Having a lot of girlfriend may be fun but try to love only one in billions..
there's no words to describe that feeling..
Its the real challenge..
You said that you cared
but you never did
You said that you loved me
but i never felt it
You said that OUR future counts for you
but you were never serious
You said that you'll never leave my side..
..where are you?
At last you did..
Sometimes life seems unfair to you but god always do whats best for you.Have faith.
So many things left unsaid,
A body full of life, but a soul lying dead,
So many questions in my head,
But the answers have been said..

Everything comes to an end..
The solutions that once god sent,
Became the problems set ahead..
Even though life taught us not to expect,
When it comes to love, it's a kinda reflex..

We give without thinking,
We live without fearing..
But not without expectations..
Small ones are a must in a relation..

We all wanna be loved,
After all a little bit of love we do deserve..
Not for others to see,
Only to continue to live..

In a world full of hatred,
Without love, it will never get better..
Even if it does not means forever,
Keep the good memories, move on and forgive..
Cause no matter when life will be over..
You know that it was a life worthy to live..
You want me to be educated just like Ali,
You want me to behave exactly like Billy,
You want me to be as religious as Alan,
You want me to work hard like Dylan,
You want me to earn money like Alfred,
You want me to be as mature as Fred,
You want me to be this or to be that..
but you forgot that i am Sharvish...
I can't be like others..
Its best to be me because you only know what they are in the outside..
I've become what i've learned from you..
I've become what you are..
I've become what you think is 'worthless'..
Trust me,
Love me the way i am,
i will not have to search for who i am in someone else..
This is not my story,
maybe its the story of many..
To all the mothers and fathers,
encourage your children in whatever they want to become..
correct them when they ARE wrong..
not when you THINK that they are wrong..
Putting much pressure on your children will make them lose the taste of living..

Mum,dad thanks for loving me the way i am..
I love you :)
Reading his daily messages soon became boring,
but you are ignoring the fact that he was only trying to be loving..
At first he was special for you,
but now you treat him like a nobody..
You are missing the whole thing..

You asked him to remain the same..
..but you changed..
Its a shame!
Sending you messages daily without getting any replies,became his habit,
and reading his daily messages without replying,became yours..

The point that you are missing is that there're actually lots of girls out there who wish to have someone like him in their lives..
but still,he is holding on to you..
because he still loves you the way he did when he was 17..
but maybe it won't last forever,
because he is a lover,
and lovers expect love in return..
You'll only miss him the day he'll be gone..
but he'll never let you miss him,
because he's got no intentions of leaving..
even if its difficult..
Loving can hurt..
Loving can heal..
Loving can ****....
..Loving can make you feel alive..
Loving can change you..
..change you into a better person..
Loving can ****** away your reasons to continue breathing..
Loving can give you new reasons to live..
Loving can be difficult..
Loving can be impossible..
because we tend to fall in love with the ones who are not ready to love us back..
Love is not a game..
We simply cannot hack it..
Do not fall in love blindly..
..because out there,
there are people who are ready to do the things you are ready to do for them..
Loving is the best thing to do!
You never find love..
love finds you..
show it that you're worth it..
or you'll regret it..
Together we drew a map to a better place
somewhere far away from this world of disgrace..
A map which would help us to find love's trace..

But on that road,i took a fall
in the hatred's hall..
now that i recall,
between us stands this wall..

I've lost the taste of a sweeter life,
i'm living on the edge of a knife..
in the search of you,i will strife..

because,all the roads you took came back to me
to lose you,i disagree..
you and me together again is everything i can foresee..

After all these things we endured..
the times we argued..
our souls stayed glued..

why leave now?
we'll be one again..this is my vow..

I'm following the maps that lead to YOU
Inspired by MAPS-Maroon 5
The world has always been here to welcome lives on it without any kind of objection..
Take a minute to think about what we are giving to it in return..
some places have been turned into open sewage..
Are those things what our planet deserves?
Mother earth is suffering,not as we do,but somehow it is suffering..
but wait..
Is it suffering alone?
We human beings,the flora and fauna are all suffering ..
As days go by
the consequences are much severe
but the decision remains in our hands
Together we MUST change the fate of our world,
together we can change our fate..

"Be the change that you wish to see in the world"-Mahatma Gandhi
“Now, as an old man, I realize the only thing I can change is myself, and suddenly I realize that if long ago I had changed myself, I could have made an impact on my family. My family and I could have made an impact on our town. Their impact could have changed the nation and I could indeed have changed the world.”

~ Unknown Buddhist Monk
A mother's love is the greatest of all..
No matter how many times you fall,
she will never forget her role..

No matter how many times you make her cry,
She'll never leave your side..
..until the day she dies..

You tend to forget her importance,
but whenever you feel low,
she's the one who helps you to advance..

She's the one who feel pained when you are hurt..
She knows everything about what your beating heart is going through..

Make sure you treat her right..
because no matter how hard you fight,
she'll have to leave one day..
don't wait for that day to come..
She accepted to live in the darkness in order to ensure you have better days and nights..
Instead of trying to be distant from her now that you can stand on your own,
bring some light in her life,
because she sacrificed her's to make yours a better one!

Never give up on your mother..
because mother's love is the greatest of all..
Hats off to all the mothers out there who are working hard in order to feed their children..
who are sacrificing their own needs in order to satisfy those of their children..
and those who've put aside their fears in order to give birth to a new human being..
#Believe in humanity
Never forget who you were before the world told you who you should be...
Learning from your past is way better than just forgetting it..
You're not a child for people to babysit..
those lessons will help you when you'll think that the only way out is to quit..

The correct formula to success was,is and will always remain hard work..

Bring your dreams to life..
or continue to live your life on the edge of a knife..

Live your everyday life with the lessons of yesterday..
Many think that forgetting the past is better..but forgetting it will mean making the same mistakes again..
"Everyone can dream but few wake up daily to achieve their dreams gradually" -Sharvish
Patience and hardwork is all you need to have..
Everyday may not be as what you thought it would be,
but if you really wanna chase your dreams,
i don't know what will stop you from doing so..
Time is life,once its gone you can't have it back..
use it to chase your dreams
be yourself because everyone else is already taken..
Sometimes everything they seek is attention,
Once they are done,
An option is all you become..
Never blame yourself for having loved all along..
Cause to a better world,you do belong..
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