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Apr 2021
Life is a four letter word powerful enough to change the whole world🌍
It's plenty of surprises that cannot be seen nor heard..
It can only be lived,
till we meet what we were born for..
And we leave with the memories left..

How to live?
Who to believe?

Life is a moment,
And for you it was meant..
What's right for them can be wrong for you,
Cause only you knows what you go matter their point of view..

Don't let life be just another word among many in a simple dictionary..
Live it the way nobody else ever did..
More than 7 billion people,
And god is still creating instead of just photocopying..
Then why be a photocopy?

Only you knows how to live..
Life never deceives..

Be who you wanna be,
See life the way you wanna see..
Cause YOUR life has never been lived before..
Let them all out and close the door🚪
There's a specific reason why god chose to put only one specific soul in a specific body,
So that you're free to make your own choices..
Why listen to those voices?

Living a life already lived contains too much expectations..
You are one in billions..

What is life?

Lying on your death bed,
With millions of memories in your head,
As your vision fades away,
As time ticks life away..
You will find out that you've lived it's definition all life long🌼

Love the life you live, only then you will live the life you love💯
Sharvish Cheekhoory
Written by
Sharvish Cheekhoory  23/M/Mauritius, Curepipe
(23/M/Mauritius, Curepipe)   
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