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A life free of strife..
Without having to live on the edge of a knife..
That should be perfect,
We did things we regret,
Things we cannot forget,
But life goes on,
And we're never done..
Things we missed will come back again,
Yesterday's memories will drive us insane..
But what's life without ups and downs?
Sometimes we'll be crowned,
Sometimes we'll be clowned,
All this to set us apart from the crowd..
You can't be appreciated by everyone,
Cause you can't be anyone..
You may not be their star,
But at least you ain't faking who you are..
People will come and go,
The worth keeping ones you'll get to know,
Cause this is how it goes..
You'll get adapted to their yes's and no's,
But who to lose?
You can never choose..
And those who wanna stay,
To you? Will always pave their way..
And no matter what your situation, they who do,
will never ask for something new,
But will help you through❤️
For sure there's only a few,
But even if there's only one, it worths it if the feelings are true❤️

— The End —