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Bryce  Jun 2018
Roller Derby
Bryce Jun 2018
Gliding deftly along the city street
rolling quick and constantly
onward to some unknown scene,
some backward park in the nighttime
smoke curling from these
parted lips, moist and inviting
calling me somewhere I've never seen.

New day, new night
new feelings, rage in delight
fill me with your hilarious entropy,
knock my quarks into the next century,
will you please?

Now you're smoking the pipe and all at once you are free
between you and me, this smoke is thicker and sticks
like glue,
wispy and dreamy and the world spins and calls Toltec
telephone company can't pay me for all those calls collected
and rendered obsolete
Sun god dead as that silly calendar meme

and Imma tell you
these ladies in the picnic table
buried alive for boxed lunch and god's brunch
Jesus ******* Christ
and a indelible roster of good guys,
to which we all must strive to live and die
never moving forward
chasing our tails like a sick dog
under the jasmine runner between the decades-old tanbark
imported from overseas
dead trees
dead canine
and oh isn't it just divine?

You see it, pretty lady.
I can see it hiding behind your eyes
the things you don't tell the others because you're afraid
if they found out,
you'd be crucified.

Well honey I hate to inform,
With KGB efficiency that these love-a-dumbs
aint Methuselah,
they'll be dead!
long before your flood of tears tears me from the land
ballistas me across the great expanse to some strange Ararat
of the eastern seaboard,
or maybe wash me deep along the 80
into the desert sands and tiles
on a leaky cell phone screen
desperately trying to dial home on low battery,
realizing all this was one big deferred dream,
baking in the sun and shriveling
oh well, back to the grindstone-- all those lies plucked your nose,
gotta cut it back to size,
'else your soul it'll outgrow

Don't worry honey bee
It hasn't happened to me,
and We know with calcuable mathematical truth
that it'll never happen to you.
TheMystiqueTrail Sep 2018
Roller coaster...
it propels you to the zenith of ecstasy
to hurl you surlily to the pits of agony.

It mocks your senses,
turns your sensibilities upside down,
pounds your heart to panic bewilderment.

It dishevels your tranquillity,
shoves you to a hysteric frenzy,
pushes you into the dark world of insanity.

Still, we cherish the thrill of its madness,
outwit each other
to jump on the bandwagon
that takes us to the holes of delusion!
The gnarliest roller coaster ride I've had the displeasure to puke on is HP....One has only to read a poet from debut to see the highs the lows, the curves the blows, the pace it slows, to be scared shitless enough to get back in line and ride again.
Since "they" couldn't get to me directly, "they" decided to deal the low blow and destroy you to destroy me....don't let them!  Show them the lion rules the jungle not a bunch of silly monkeys, horses *****, and laughing hyenas.  Roar woman and scatter the miserable life that has crawled out from beneath the dung beetle's nest to foment hate and spread nasty disease
SinoAko  Nov 2018
Roller Coaster
SinoAko Nov 2018
I leave.

The apprehension as I ascend is like no other.
It fails to compare to:
Meeting the expectations,
Overcoming that trouble,
Completing that task.
And then I reach the summit.

And then I dangle over the edge.
Watching his life slip away,
Hearing the disappointment,
Hiding myself from myself;
It has no equal.
The descent is a pain like no other.

The rise is a feeling so incomprehensible.
I have an abundance of:
Blind hope,
Ignorant happiness,
Unchallenged joy.
That is the feeling I crave.

This is the feeling I purge.
Deep sadness,
Suffocating dread;
I have too much of.
The drop is a deepness so empty.

I return.
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