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Stop playing  me off each *other

Every time you both have
an *argument

Hate strife.
Get on with it *

Count me out
Of all your petty fallouts

Look am not getting involved.
*like it or lump it
Meet  May 2018
Mind Of Mine
Meet May 2018
Dreams. Aspirations.
Reality through the blurred visions
In search of
fading destination
Fallouts. Selfdoubts.
High on bad decisions
Want to scream out loud
Wanna touch the clouds
but stuck in a shell
Paranoid as hell
Craving miracles to happen
In more than many ways
Sleepless nights, dreadful days
Constant flow of thoughts
running through veins of brain
Past to regret about
Present to curse upon
Future to dwell on
And all that we need is an escape
Not to quit
but to be quite
To feel the peace
To use our elite wits
Through which art can speak
& words can live
To concentrate
without caring about the consequence
Hit the right note
& make the most of it
with what you got
This life ain't free of cost.
Jett Bleue May 2013
Some moments you’ll find can never be recreated a second time.
Such as when we first met; a moment I assumed I’d easily forget.
But it still lingers in my mind yet, even though nine months have passed down the line,
I still remember that night.

When I entered the room to opened armed embraces.
Where the bottles of beer clanked together as we matched up our names with our faces.
Our conversations hatched open common interests as we spoke of the things we liked best.
Spilling the alcohol scented thoughts off our tongues that run as wild as our mind traces.

Our futures memories of the coming months would become locked behind the
handles of our rooms,
Held imprisoned inside the walls of what became our nighttime tombs.
The voices of my old friends echo when they rebound of the walls filling their own voids in the now deserted halls.
That lie barren as they wait to be filled by the next year’s crew so that the endless circle of old and new resumes.

We’ve watched as our friendships have transcended onto another plateau.
Through break ups, fallouts, spilled wine, growth sprouts, chinstraps and dropouts.
But the end is here and it’s time to go home;
Time to close the curtains on that perfect view,
And open them up again to something new.
Justin Harris Aug 2015
She fell for me
When I tried escaping feelings for another.

She made me feel, and the feelings turned to melted medal which fell on her.

It stayed melted until all fell from the other, and SHE was my saving grace.

It formed a cacoon around her; thus the day I finally, truthfully told her I loved her.

She loved me from the start.
Now she's mine.

Our two was one incredible, inescapable fireworks display.

Our love was boundless.
....buts that's always the beginning.

We continued like a dream created married pair.
But married couples fight. Married couples also overcome hardships.

For silly, selfish reasons we broke into two.

But married couples are magnets.

Anger tore us apart once more.
But the sorrow from being in love is too powerful.

So we were drawn back to each other.

Every relationship has a list of fallouts that tests your strength.
But trust is too a straddle.
Trust we almost completely had.

I could always feel our downfall in me. But with a love like this, I chose to believe otherwise.

She started to ignore me. She loved me, but always ran away. She'd cry for me but never want me around.

She pushed me away.
But I didn't flee. Oh no. I love her too much.  

Then she made me face the facts.
It's just how she is. I just have to deal with it,...

...she says.

I was her first true love. I want to be with her as her last. Her one and only.
But it's only natural...
...that she treat me like a friend.

"I treat everyone that way", she says.
I'm no better than a friendly stranger.

Maybe even less- considering she never stood by me satisfied.

She's alone and I'd take the hurt for her. She's sad now. I should do something.

No, that's just my love speaking. Crying out. Coming forth.

It's hard to ignore it. She's always around. But I have to try my hardest.

The worst part is..
she still has my jacket.
This was based off the relationship I just went through. I just needed a way to let it out. What I'm feeling that is. I feel so sucksh now. It'll blow over. Please, blow over.
agirlnamedconnor  Jan 2014
agirlnamedconnor Jan 2014
I've lost people who I need
through a variety of means.
Each one has been bitter;
nothing sweet, none to please.
I've lost people
to college towns
and new places,
better lives.
I've lost people
for reasons
that I still can't
say why.
I've lost people
to caskets
and fallouts
never mended.
I've lost people
who fell off
and lost people
who ascended.
I've lost people
all my life-
and in my life,
I'll lose plenty.
Elle  Jun 2016
I Am...
Elle Jun 2016
I am** five, and I still hold a certain sparkle in my eyes as I look up at my mother with pure awe and devout love for a woman who I assume to be my hero, my teacher, my one true love. Never would anyone replace a child’s love for their mother, right? She is the one who brought you into this world, and teaches you how to walk, how to speak, how to eat and how to be. She is the one who is there when you cry, when you scrape your knee, when you have a fever or just want a hug from mummy. No one can replace that. No one will love you like your mother…

I am eleven, and my mother is the bane of my life. She won’t let me go and see my friends because I didn’t clean my room. She is such a *****, right? We argue, we make up, then we argue some more… It’s a never ending spiral of “I HATE YOU, YOU’RE RUINING MY LIFE” and “I’m so sorry mum, I didn’t mean the things I said”. I still appreciate what she does- making my dinner and cleaning my room, giving me some cash to go into town with my friends, always being there when I need a cuddle. Sorry for being a horrible daughter mum, I love you…

I am fifteen, and I realize now that the last few years I have been nothing but horrible to my mother, who does all she can for me to have a good life even when she’s struggling. Finances are a *****, and life is **** but we still carry on trying to make the best out of it. I love her and she is the one constant in my life. Fallouts with friends and boy troubles? Forget all that, I’ve got my mum. I see my friends argue constantly with their mothers and all I can think is, “I’ve been there and trust me, one day you’ll regret it”. My mum tells me stories of how my dad is just an annoyance and not worth the space he takes up, and I’m ashamed to say it, but I believe her. Because she is my mother, she would never lie to me, right? Right…

I am eighteen, and my mother is no longer a part of my life. Words occasionally exchanged, I see her every few months when I come home from university. But it’s not the same. You see, my mother is not good. She is rude, and untruthful, and unfaithful and this is not what you want to see from your mother. She moved out, took her stuff and ****** right off. My mother, my hero, my one true love has done the unthinkable and left me behind. She can try to redeem herself by defending her actions and saying that she “deserves happiness too” but in reality, she’s wrong, and there’s nothing she can do…

I am now forgetting the good times, when my mother was… well, a mother.
I am now seeing her for what she really is, and I truly wish I wasn’t.
I am now realizing she is volatile. She’s the common denominator.
I am now becoming immune to the pain she causes, and to the promises she’s failed to keep before.
I am my mother’s child but she is not my mother, not anymore…
Brian  Jan 2020
Brian Jan 2020
I wish to remember the bad
the fallouts and the fights
the arguments we had
Could I be delusional
out of touch, insane?
For nothing negative comes
when I search my brain
Rather all you bring
is happiness here
stirring up old feelings
many of which I fear
What truly scares me
that I lie to myself about
is that I'll never move on
and take to the grave my doubt.
Just wrote this about someone who always confuses me when they comes across in my dreams.
Destiny Berry Mar 2019
according to wiki, inner peace refers to a deliberate state of psychological or spiritual calm despite the potential presence of stressors. what they fail to mention is how can one gain peace of mind? no matter how “unbothered” you verbally say you are, your actions of eye rolling in their presence, subbing them on your twitter, and typing their username into the search bar says otherwise. you can block them on social media, delete every picture you’ve taken with them, even burn what used to be their belongings. below all of that rage and anger, there is hurt. no one deliberately chooses to lose someone in their life, especially one they’ve once called a (best)friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, lover, etc. but when fallouts happen, we get angry. we feel misunderstood. we say things we may or may not mean. to hide our vulnerability, we put up a front. because as long as it looks like we’re okay on our social medias, who cares about what’s going on internally right? and this is where we go wrong. inner peace isn’t about looking good, it’s about feeling good. it is a place of ease, of calmness. there is a stillness in your mind even when you peep things that would normally have you screenshot and send to the group chat. on this journey, you will need to practice forgiveness (not for them, but for you), take responsibility for your actions and learn not to put the blame on others, disconnect yourself from anyone who makes you doubt their intentions, and replace the ones you let go of with individuals who radiate nothing but positivity. accept things for what they are, accept people for who they are; when people show you their true colors, believe them the first time. giving someone the benefit of the doubt nowadays is a dangerous thing because you never know what you get in return. have patience, any kind of transformation will take time, this one especially. never lose focus, keep in mind where you’ve been and promise yourself to never look back. to those who was in need of this message, i wish you well on your journey.

- d.berry
Sylvia Fénix Mar 2018
I had a friend long ago
Let's call him "Con''"
Con' was a weird one
He would show up unannounced
Try and encourage me to do things
"Hey, go ask that girl out!"
"Hey, you should go talk to them!"
We were different, Con' and I
But I liked having him around

Now our friendship wasn't perfect
We had our fallouts
And disagreement was the usual between us
But he always stuck around
He knew I needed him around
Even though I often thought otherwise
Con was a strange one to me

He'd always be laughing with strangers in pubs
Or chatting with my friends when I was
too scared to get their attentions myself
And when I asked my crush out?
'Con found my afterward to cheer for me
"You told him? I knew you could do it!"
Too bad we grew apart after that

Being with my boyfriend
I didn't think I needed 'Con anymore
But after months, after the breakup, after the heartbreak
I needed old 'Con back more than ever
But he was nowhere to be found
I called everyone I knew, nobody had seen him
I didn't know what to do without my friend 'Con

I found him
eventually, I mean
Took some effort, but we're buddies again
Building up what we once had
Working out how to tackle my life once again
And I know one day
When I'm standing in front of the person I love
Whoever that may be, my ex, or a new heart,
I know that 'Con will be there for me
Even though I gave up on him
Even though I thought I didn't need him
He'll be there,
My old friend Confidence
just some stupid little thing while i get my life back on track

— The End —