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Akwana Wa Odera Apr 2019
I think Kenyan politics like love is blind
And we are just visually impaired beggars
Waiting to be given crumbs and the leftovers
As the true 'nation owners'
Share the bigger pie, with greed and 'honor'
I get sick every time i get to watch this sequel
With too much unending repetition
With despots ruling the nation.
We've totally failed as a people
Always ready to criticize
But never determined to see through
Always ready to fight
When it's us with huge dues
Protecting our own
When it's them that get huge!
Someone told me to vote to eradicate
The rot
That through my vote
Maybe there will be change in the lot
And the true will get afloat
But I'll have to disappoint,
In a system this rogue
To vote i will not!
No need to confront
Let me express the systems faults.
Politicians fighting for supremacy
The bigwigs protecting there lame legacy
Whilst people in the north are hunger stricken
And the system blames the weather for its wickedness
Corruption levels are beyond explanations
With money for development disappearing in the boardrooms
Leaving unemployed Youths struggling to bet on their livelihoods
In a system this rogue
To vote i will note
When the main agenda in Kenyan shows
Is politics
And who will get to be the kingpin of all
When the Chinese are taking over our plots
Leaving Kenyans at their mercies with no hope
When it's huge loans that are borrowed
But no track record or development to show
And that's just a piece
Of the iceberg that we've crushed in
Breaking the system to bits
The system is sick
But again we are blind
And not even struggling to see
I wonder what miracles we'll need
Just to put the system to speed
But still
In a system so rogue
To vote i will not!

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2019
Kenyan politics as of now is just disappointing
Akwana Wa Odera Apr 2019
Kick start I push myself to start Blink twice Draw the curtains aside Like golden spears  Penetrating my windows I let the sunlight Hit my eyes Just to acknowledge the fact That it's already dawn I need to wake up And feel the earth Just to appreciate That I'm feeling alive.  The chirping of the birds A natural melody  That never get hyped The smell of fresh dung The dew on the grass Shining, in sparkling light As the sun rays hit the ground The morning cold Making me shiver a bit As i try to see through  The fading fog The the white rising smoke Of burning firewood From neighbour's kitchens The laughing and energetic Sounds of little children As mothers prepare  Some something to feed them The sizzling sounds Of steaming kettles The scrubbing and rubbing Of yesterday's utensils The smell of cooking breakfast The day has started The whole village's a woken I yawn and smile Its just another day In my village town.   Akwana Wa Odera @therealakwana © 2019
Akwana Wa Odera Apr 2019
Sometimes i just want to be alone
Not because i despise you
But because i get so low
And wouldn't want to affect you
The other day you said i love you less
That I'm getting bored like a slow game of chess
If only you knew you are the reason i resonate
Refuse to waste
Away as my thoughts distain
It's you that rekindles my flame
On those days that I'm so cold and pale
You Crack me out of my shell
And love me until all my pain
Dissolves and fade away
How can i ever love you less
When it's only you in this world
I try my very best just to impress?

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2019
  Apr 2019 Akwana Wa Odera
I be me
Me I be

That Me-I-Be!
That Me-I-Be!
I do not like
That Me-I-Be!

Do you like?
setting yourself free

I do not like it
That Me-I-Be
I do not like
setting myself free

Would you like it
Here or there?

I would not like it
Here or There
I would not like myself
I do not like
being free
I do not like it

Would you like me if I was quiet?
Would you like me if I caused a riot?
I do not like me
I do not like
The being free
My choices when free don't seem up to me
I do not like it
That Me-I-Be
  Mar 2019 Akwana Wa Odera
Some days
I wake
in tears,

Some days
I wake refreshed,

But today
I woke
a blank space,
nothing to emote
I’m just a still pond
with a small wooden boat
  Mar 2019 Akwana Wa Odera
Mr Quiet
m e
I am still depressed but there's no need to hide,
Atleast now I know the real reason to survive.

I hear the clock move forward and it mocks my postponed life,
My ears will bleed knowing that all it hears is the success of all my friends lives.
I wish I could stop doing nothing but what can I improve?
When breathing becomes exhausting and my mind gets bored of everything I used to do.

I know I'm not living in black and white,
I can see all the colors and all the light,
I can feel the heat of the sun in the day,
I can say I'm happy a million times but I know that's not the case.

Why can't I smile?
I can rearrange the muscles of my face but that doesn't define,
The true serenity that my soul left behind.
I feel as if my life has given me nothing to satisfy me.
I feel as if I'm alive just to unsatisfy me.

I breathe with boredom
Inhale exhaustion
And always feel the weight of my eyelids.
I know I'm hollow,
My motivation's shallow,
But I'm still curious if I will live to feel,
What the chemicals in my brain forbids.

I am still depressed but there's no need to hide,
Atleast now I know the real reason to survive.
Akwana Wa Odera Mar 2019
'Lady's first'
My favorite catch phrase
Every time we walking together
And want to see her *** move all together
A beauty in bold letters
Still contemplating on which font's better.
With comparisons to none
She's always left me in awe
Just how...,
How could she have existed
This carefully drawn
And beautifully presented piece of art,
To which I've withdrawn
My resistance
And let her capture my heart.
'This my destination'
She says with hesitation
'My hug...?'
She turns
And smiles
I can never deny
She gets me hypnotized
As I disappear in her eyes
It's like they sparkle
Releasing a thousand fragments
Of light
Confusing me on which
Is the most bright
This new high
She takes me
Beyond normal level heights
With which i get deep within
My new favorite drug
My dopamine.
She brings me back
And hug her tight
Whispering in her ear
'I love you back'

Akwana Wa Odera
© 2019
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