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Residents and citizens of any delegation
To uphold our values we must first face our fears
These are truly those teachers
Of the darkest psychic orders
Of which you often hear us speak
Music is supportive for a number of unknown reasons
But are you really ready to be entrusted
With any of these sacred arrows, keys or codes
When your fantasies are still as ******
As whatever you are momentarily holding
In those perfumed ivory fingers  
Which linger on our appendages
Long after we have removed them
In waves of ecstatic (embryo)genesis
Parthenogenic vibrations don't generally unfold
Nor do undulations of salubrious sound
Gyrating on your watery mounds of Venus
Necessarily cleanse us of our sediments
Still sentimental sandcastles escape from your mouth
As skyscrapers and shrouds of gossamer fabric
Are found to be loud like the wind
Yet remain neither visible to the eye
Nor palpable to touch
You begin to attune our souls to the beginning
As if the source of moisture
Is to be found only in our shadows
You are balancing on *******
While concrete still lingers in our ears
We are here and now quite beautiful
Yet bound to fall asleep over and over again
For what often seems like an eternity
Like real men and women
We will try to occupy these predicaments
And stand on solid ground
While letting our mouths water
Just a little at the sound
Of all the empty promises
That you're handing out

Here is a loving reminder:
I am proud of you tonight
So please continue shining
Your light on my unconsciousness
Illuminate my ignorance
And finish the job you have started
Because if not, we may never move beyond it

— The End —