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Anon  Nov 2018
Anon Nov 2018
I remember feeling happiness.
What a cruel thing.
It was the moment I loved her.
Hit me like the viper's sting.

A moment of purity.
How painful it had to be.
"This feeling will last forever."
But it did not...

As the punishment of life propelled me forward in time.
I asked the Divine to love me
But No-one listened.

And as she stood there her eyes too cold to see
And the fire of her words burning me
I thought, "I just want you to love me
Let me hold you and prove that love is eternal."

The words still echoing in my head as I ran home to my parent and called them out of bed
With tears in my eyes I cried mom and dad please don't be mad but she left me alone and I have no home so please can I stay I'll gladly pay my way

And with a loving hand they reached out and said stay as long as you like.
We love you dear son, you are the source of our happiness.

The thoughts in my head are now gone,
Its silence in here.
I learned something important that day,
Something you should hear.

Happiness is not cruel or evil,
It doesn't not come and go.
It is there for the taking.
When you look at your deamons,
Remember that happiness is a deamon too,
And can fight the pain along side you.
A soldier,
A weapon in your arsenal to combat the cruel passing of time.
And if your happiness is too weak
You can have mine.
ApocalypsenoW Mar 15
In darkness, sitting here and wonder
What parts of you belong to me
As i am spirit i am thunder
I am not bound by gravity.

I feel illusions grow beside me
Back in the corner of my eye
Its where my darkest fear might find me
Its where my deamons hunt their prey.

This time around, not like the other
I stare my deamons in the face
This time around my soul is calmer
There is no storm, theres only grace

This year, a long and epic journey
Has gave me a new sence of Me
I grew up quickly and eternaly
What ever happens now, im Free

— The End —