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The darkness settles in because it knows it's here to stay
For the sun must always set at the end of each day
Until the morning comes to once again light the way
But until then my friend, the creatures will come to play
So when the moon is out be sure to hide out in bed
For the night is the time that the demons crawl out of your head
Only to torment you and fill you fragile heart with dread
They feast on pain and for too long have not been fed
Oh how far I've come, such a long way
Far from rock bottom amongst decay
Risen like the sun does for a new day
Bright and free from the games they play
Called me a longshot, called me a risk
Left me in the dirt to sore in ****
But I'm from hellfire, so I lit
Lit ablaze, from the pit I lift

Oh yes I'm back, oh yes I'm here
Give me all you got, and I'll give you fear
Oh yes I'm back, I'm here to stay
Who's next to try to get in my way?

The road from hell, it was made of pain
But I gained strength from the endless strain
Surely anyone else would have gone insane
But I have the iron will to sustain
Forget my past, and heed what comes
And never forget this when it's done
It doesn't matter where the hell you run
I will always be the shadow that you fear my son

Oh yes I'm back, oh yes I'm here
Give me all you got, and I'll give you fear
Oh yes I'm back, I'm here to stay
Who's next to try to get in my way?
The sky is burning
Fire raining on me while I'm searching
For what keeps this strange world turning
It's not real, or at least that's what I'm learning
A hard pill to swallow,
But these days all the people would much rather follow
Whoevers on the t.v. cause their hearts are hollow
These are people who will never see the world of tomorrow
Me and my kind at least can recognize
That this ain't the way the we should live life
Temporary distractions keep you paralyzed
Well **** all of that, I'd rather stay alive
Dear addicion

By Patrick ramsey

I'm writing this to you,
Telling you we're through.
I can't take you anymore,
Don't know what I liked you for.
All you did was wear me out.
Now I know what you're all about.

You came to me with promise and joy,
Now look at all the things you destroy.
Families, lives, bank accounts, you see.
You ruined it all with one little tease.
Look at the way you make me feel
Then you take it all and want me to steal.

Why can't you just go and hide
Somewhere far away where I'll never find?
Everyone at home doesn't understand
How you rip me apart then lend me a hand.
I keep coming back thinking inside
Maybe this time I'll make you my bride.

Then I sit and wonder why,
Why do you really want me to die?
Thousands and thousands come to you
Hoping and praying you'll help them through.
Then they fall for your lending hand,
Only to realize you're nothing but a scam.

You promised me heaven and sent me to hell.
You ruined my life and then wished me well.
Watch me now as I go on my way.
I'm washing myself of all your pain.
So you and your power can just leave me be.
I'm taking my life and setting it free.
I Am Enough
I am enough to make it
Through the night. I am enough
To make it through the day.
No matter my struggles
And I have many struggles
I know I’ll be OK.
I don’t give in, I believe and have faith.
I am enough.

You are enough to make it
Through anything. You are enough
To live through anything.
You don’t have to be perfect
And it doesn’t matter if you are smart
Just open your eyes and open your heart.
Find the strength and peace
That we have inside our chests.
Believe that it will stay there
Until your very last breath.
You are enough.

We are enough to make it
Through the highs and make it
Through the lows. We are enough
To make it through the dark sky
And the nights when tears fly.
Don’t give up I promise you
It gets better
and our dreams come true.
We are enough.

I am enough to make it
Through drugs, heartbreak and pain.
I am enough to make it
Through the cold and pouring rain.
I am enough to make it
Through anything with you my friend.
I am enough to make it
Because this is only the beginning it isn’t the end.
Rest my weary soul
By Patrick ramsey

I finally sit and rest my weary soul.

Hope’s ether escapes through the punched holes in my skin.

Dragons chasing me through endless scorched and burnt fields
dimly lit by my own black sun.

It wasn’t until I raised my head and
let the rain pour down on my face.

The drops cleansed a life time of
wear and tear.

I opened my eyes and see the lion and the lamb.

Laying down together in the shade underneath the trees.

Children laughing and playing nearby.

The stream reflects the sun on its surface.

Sparkling diamonds float on top of the water.

I finally sit and rest my weary soul.

By Patrick ramsey

Talk depression
But you're no exception
Feel the attention
Which sparks your aggression
Hating when all their eyes are on you
Brought to light everything that you do
Feeling like you can't hide out of view
The more that you fight it, the more that you lose
Slipping further, don't know who to blame
It's yourself but now you're too ashamed
To admit it, so you turn away
Just a pawn who's still stuck in the game
You really don't know how to quit
On the trigger, your finger just slipped
You felt it fade fast when the bullet hit
Cut short, the lifeline got clipped
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