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the buildings gray stood grand and tall
the proudest prize of man's bright call
none dared to think that one might fall
thus glist'ning in the sun
the perfect morning sun

from cherished ground each tower rose
with strength and structure, grandiose
and steady through what nature blows
designer minds had wrought
their best, or so we thought

but some small men with missing parts
brought caliphates with fits and starts
their twisted aims from twisted hearts
would make examples, clear
the things we held, so dear

there wields no sharper blade or knife
than those which can't thus value life
oh deep that wound of careless strife
cut by an empty soul
an empty, barren soul

they flew that morn from foreign lands
these rotten souls, with hateful hands
with peopled planes at their commands
and hate their only cause
a beast with deadly claws

one at-a-time straight 'head they flew
'midst cloudless skies and vault of blue
they stabbed their evil arrows through
the hearts of all mankind
death's rattle left behind

those towers melted, crumpled ... fell
and brought a grief no one could quell
there on the news, straight out of hell
that horror lay unfurled
the weeping of a world

two decades gone, the wounds remain
those birthed from promise gone insane
lost catafalques, like tears through rain
that make no earthly sense
death smirks as God relents

please, teach our wee ones how it was
that heav'n did laud such twisted cause
and burned our bright and wondrous Oz
with fire's heinous flash
turned wonder into ash

how can it be that monsters, thus
now wear a mask that looks like us?
how can we learn, again, to trust?
still, from those ashes, then
the grandest dreams of men ...

through hope, can rise again.

Copyright © Patrick ramsey September 11, 2021
In remembrence of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the world trade center in New York
⠀⠀by Patrick ramsey

"Your face looks different now",
an old friend said yesterday
"Yeah, been a long", i replied,
just to say something
doing hairs this morning i puzzled though
did i really change? do we, ever?
but why then i FEEL same about it, forever!
sure we do, like we change attires for different occasions, we change faces too
for different people, at different places
i am plenty of faces myself
an angry young man at home
a polite and nice outside
I'm a boss like rude face at restaurant
while calling waiter
an elegant courteous face asking for
a change to a big-shop owner
I'm the old wrinkled face, wise having
denounced the worldly affairs
a little kid on days, innocent and curious
I'm the face of loneliness that often
roams on crowded streets
and the failed success for a family
who once took pride in
I'm the face oscillating between teary and
smiley, unable to catch the right emotion
I'm the face of body with
beautiful imperfect settings
I'm thousand different faces and counting...
and I'm none of them really
they all protect the vulnerable, fearful,
unsure, childish face beneath
and I'm not that either
I'm none
for I'm just the one who wears them all
and that's it...

© April 2021
#writewhatyoufeel #poem #write #keepwriting #poetry #english
My Path to Peace

Walking a dimly lit path,
no tools to light my way.
Ignoring the signs,
dark shadows give rise,
occluding the little light I once had.

Overcome by fear and uncertainty.
Allowing them to guide me
down a path once paved,
now covered with
dirt and gravel.

Pothole after pothole,
exhausted and *****,
I reach a broken wooden sign.


Nowhere to go,
I sit and pray.
Shadows disappear,
I hear his voice.

"Turn around my child,
use my light to see the signs.
They will guide you along your way.
To an everlasting life,
filled with joy and peace.
All of these thoughts I keep in my head
The subjects weigh upon me like weights of lead
I want to sit and converse with you
I am dying to hear your point of view
Accuse me of being distant and being so silent
I have done what you asked and been compliant
I am ready to do what ever needs done
Just be honest this time and please don’t run
Be honest to yourself no matter how you feel
And do as you wish and you won’t have to conceal
I am done with confusing statements and passive aggression
Neither of us know what to do and its causing depression
We need to figure this out as soon as we can
Just let me know if your my girl and if I’m your man
I’m not asking to figure it all out in a single night
I just need to know where I stand so I approach you right
When the elusive heart withers
With unbegun breaths
And unblemished whispers,
And dances like rain
I forget myself
And wither along too!
For a while...

For a while;
All blemishes vanish,
All tears smiles,
All unexplained secrets unveils!
And sings,
All languishes ebb,
And stands still.
Only tranquility emanates...

For a while the thundering blazes
Doesn't smite or confer,
Doesn't matter!
All manifestation
Comes into believing.
The two opposing forces
Comes into harmony
Sings and dances
For a while...

Benign grace showers
From the sky's abundance,
Leaving my thirsty soul replenished;
Like miracles yonder!
And I see only greatness!
For a while...

When the soul spreads it's wings;
And flies unto the unknown
And embodies itself
With the perfect present
I can't help but wither too!
For a while...

If only those
"for a while moments"
Could last forever!
I would die into it and drown
Into that abyss of bliss,
And simply and subtlety just be;
Even if it was only for a while!
There always comes the lone moments
After we might have retire from the day'*******br>And everyone to the safety of their tents
When silence grips the mind
And the soul seem to reminisce the times
A time when you deal with your inner demons
Alone with yourself buried in thoughts
With scenes flashing in your brain in bright colors
Moment when no one's got you but you
When nothing dawns on you but the truth
Sometimes the memories make us sad
Other times the funny part makes us laugh
Life ain't all a bed of roses
It gives you good and bad in proportionate doses
I would rather accept the blessings of blindness,
Than to see you cry with teeming tears;
You are too innocent and pure for that mess,
I would fight the devil without any fears.

I would rather accept the blessings of freeze,
Than to see you cold with shivering smears;
You are too kind and giving like trees,
I would fight harsh winter with warm spears.

I would rather accept the blessings of blood,
Than to see you hurt with agonising tears;
You are too gentle and warm to see others glad
I would fight any army without warring gears

I would rather accept the blessings of emptiness,
Than to see you lonely and sad with un-cheers;
For you are too loving and full of joyfulness,
I would fight the demons with lightning shears.
Dedicated to Vanessa Morales Figueroa
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