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CasiDia Jul 2019
On fickle feet I make my flight
Moons of Neptune o'er head
Bathed by its cold, ardent light
Let no devil's tricks belay me
Nor wrought iron dissuade me
I return to a place of forebears
And tread estatic where other mortals not dare!
neptune mortal moon light flight
CasiDia Jun 2019
Hail the green,
It shall cover the earth again.
The time of beast is over,
Now is the time of leaf.
CasiDia Jan 2019
Do you know what there is to know?
You claimed you know what you wish to know.
You cared not to know, so you will not know.
You did not know, so you will not know.
You pretended to know, so you think you know.
But you did not know, so you will not know.
You cannot know
You do not know
I do know
For you I know
For a thousand years
I know, I know
You will not know
But I will so.

I know.
CasiDia Jul 2018
    ­                                                                 ­       the day ends
                                                            ­             singing to us
                                                              ­         ourselves to
                                                              ­       each-other
                                                      ­             of the hour
                                                            ­     to a minute
                                                          ­    on the clock
                                                           ­we drink roses
                                                        for fading embers
                                                        th­e burning match
                                                         th­at proverbial breath
                                                          ­      the familiar pull
                                                            ­      towards dreams
                                                          ­          towards sorrow
                                                          ­                       the pain
                                                            ­                        the joy
                                                             ­                          from
                                                            ­                         dust
                                                         ­                            to
                                                                ­               dust
                                                            ­              emptiness
                                         ­                             orderliness
                        ­                                         indifference
                                                    ­    mounds of gold
                                                    ignorant­ shiny
                                                 pile of ashes
­                                            afterthought
        ­                                 in the morning
                                        in the evening
                                        all the beauty
                                         is all suffering
                                          living forever
                                           dying together
                                             hands over fists
CasiDia Dec 2017
two pairs six works
input, beginning
output, ends of things
subject: to the seventh
the beginnings again
concept of the egregores
hundreds of thousands
emerging independently
united but seperately
casting jungian archetypes
the most beautiful pottery
a Hyperborean hero
the Lord of Darkness
immortalizing himself
again but with the face
of absolute Man and Woman
gone away already
Together with Another
who was waiting
at the edge of time
the minds of gestalt
wonders above,

“Truly, how can you, oh thoughtful reader, look at the shadows on the wall and see anything other than the script of a movie unfolding before your eyes?”
CasiDia Oct 2017
Too long we strive,
        yet not to thrive
                            ... patient
            forgetful ...
                            ... many towers
                                are filled with
                                dust, of which ...
                                we cannot depend on.
CasiDia Sep 2017
All Understanding uncovers
ugliness, usury.
Unifying utopians

Dashing Prophets promoted
promiscuous personalities.
Promethus’s powers

Do Postmodern proletariats
protest phantoms?
Puckering proudly,

If Egyptians engineered
excessive egoists,
Englishmen evolved

Tradition Rules reformed
rednecks, remobilizing,
romanticizing, recursions

If Caesar costumed
cabals crafted carefully,
Christianity calibrated

Vigilantism Unveils unlucky
usurper, undoes underachieving,
unemotional, unconsciousness
Every Tadpole’s talents
triumphs titan’s tricks
tip toeing
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