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  May 2017 damsel in distress
with his passion for reading
and my passion to write,

with all of my heart
and all of my might,

I want to pen the words
which he’ll imprint onto his mind:

because my words are the only piece of me,
with him, that I will leave behind
but surely
i know i am running
out of my favorite ink
the moon is
always whole

she just shows
herself in phases

because there is
beauty in
being broken

and becoming whole
I was debating on how to end it. I still don't know if I should leave that last part as is or change it to "and becoming whole again"
To you
     who are afraid of heights
   Not because you're afraid to fall
   But because you're afraid
     you will not know how to get down
   Because sometimes you need to
     when you've been way way up
               You can keep chasing the stars
               But you will need to feel the ground
               Don't lose someone who makes you feel so.
Fear of heights. I have nothing to lose.
  Apr 2017 damsel in distress
stank man
of all the people
that cross my mind
when it came to you
my brain was blind

i write of pain
of hate and regret
but how about about
the first time we met

rain down windows
mascara down face
but next to you
i think I found my place

clouds didn't pass
the rain wouldn't leave
but the thought of you
i could do anything but grieve

and so i haven't wrote
about you yet
and of all the times
i hope never to forget
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