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One simple word, millions of interpretations
I don't need to explain this.
This is the place where you left me.
That night was the worst.
The sky was gray, stars are no where.
I was hurt. I was wrecked.

Never thought I would come back here.
For so long, I thought you have my heart with you when you left.
The truth is, I just left it here where our memories live.
Now I want to take it back to me.
There's no reason to stay.
it is so hard to forget the pain you've caused me
but i did
it is not right to still believe in you after all those promises you've broke
but i still do
only fools will give up their dreams and happiness just for love
yes, i am a fool
you were everything that is bad for me
but i am still coming back for more
people were asking me why
i said because i love you
and that i will do it all again for you
when did i stop caring about anything but you?
A happy song filled the room
People are enjoying different games
They say happiness is contagious
But this loneliness is eating me
That even breathing is painful
Because every corner of this room
Is filled with our memories
We're together- in love
We used to be here
Now I'm alone
That even how happy people are
I know I will never be
Just your absence makes me wanna go home
October 27, 2015
I wanted you to see me, but for so long, you were blind
I can write a book about you
When you don't even know my favorite color, it's blue
The same feeling I get when I am missing you
I don't know why but also when I am *with you
There's a girl
Everyone thinks she's always fine
The truth is, she was never okay
Even the smallest thing scares her
Her smile is her disguise

She opens her eyes
Suddenly she cries
Her smiles and laughter are all lies
No one knows she fakes it so well
That God himself can't tell

Someone dared to help her
Asked her what she needs
It took a while before she answered,
"All I really need is to breathe."
That was the first time she felt alive.
Inspired by the movie I watched last night. :)
People who would go near me would surely get hurt
That's why I should isolate myself in a desert
Just like how much water a cactus can hold
The same amount of tears are waiting to be poured
Cause I feel like I'm a cactus.
I used to hate cemeteries.
I hate the way it reminds me of my memories.
It reminds me how I lost someone and never had the chance to say goodbye.
Telling me I could no longer see him again no matter how much I cry.
It makes me regret of things that should have been and what ifs.
But when I visit you today for the first time, I was relieved that at least there was a place like this.
Where it can prove to me that you were once real.
That you really happened to me.
Your name engraved on the stone makes me remember that once in my life, someone like you existed and loved me.
I realized the true purpose of cemeteries- *to remember.
Inspired by Love is Dead.
I don't know why
I turned my back on you
When I've had so many words on my mind
But I had no courage to say
That all I ever wanted is for you to stay
So I just walked away.
When I first learned how to read
When I got wounds and bruises
When other students bullied me
When my friends turned their backs on me
When I fell in love and got my first broken heart
My birthdays, recognitions, graduations, and family days
these are some of the times
When I needed a hug,
a pat in the back,
my Superman,
a Doctor,
A best friend
Someone to say "Congratulations! and i am proud of you."
Someone who is my father
But you were not even there.
It seems like you don't care.
I don't have enough courage to tell this to him so I just wrote a poem for him. I just wanna tell him that all I need is for him to tell me that he loves me and give me a little importance. Is that too much to ask? I love you Pa, but I am hurt.
I just wanna say that,
I really tried hard, maybe even harder
To compose myself again
I did so many things to distract me from the pain
I thought that I am already okay
I didn't expect that you really have mastered ways on how to break me
Every move you make,
Every step you take
Every words you say
Just you're mere existence
*breaks me
It's the things we love most that destroy us
She's still walking on the same street
Still craving for the same ice cream flavor
Still reading the same book to sleep
Still watching same action movie
Still going to the park before going home
Still listening to your fave song
Still dreaming the same dream

The only thing that has changed was now she is doing all of these alone.

Now she cry herself to sleep
And wake up in the afternoon just to sleep again
Just to not have to bear with the pain
You left.
You came back.
I accepted you
but if you will leave again,
Don't ever think of coming back.
Since the day you went away
I just wanna close my eyes 'til i sleep
Cause I rather see you in my dreams
Than wake up without you
The day you entered my world
You erased every painful things in it
You've made me the happiest girl
We are the author of our own story
Filled with sweets, rainbows, and butterflies

Until one day,
You wanted to erase yourself from my life
I don't think I could ever do that
Because since the first day
You have become my life - *my world
So please come back.
Honey, you're love is like fireworks
Exploded beautifully at the sky
Lightened up my darkest nights
But lasted in just a blink of an eye
It's not easy to sail a friendship
Especially when a storm comes
And it starts to sink
What's worse than that
Is when the friend leaves you alone
Watching you drown while trying to save the ship
But you have no right to get mad
Cause you are the one who created the storm
Sudden words from somewhere between my mind and heart.
Saying goodbye is not the hardest part
But it breaks your heart
Not even seeing them walk away
And you can do nothing to make them stay
The hardest part is
Remembering the time when they promised
To be on your side forever
But fulfilling that promise with another
Okaaaay. <//3
I've been looking for the place named HAPPINESS

Where there is no fake smiles and wasted tears

Where there is no promises made to be broken

Where there is no hi that ends with goodbye

Where sorry is enough to cover up the pain

Where money doesn't define a person

Where I can be myself without anyone judging me
Or telling me how I supposed to be

Where yesterday is just a reminder for us to be better

Where tomorrow minds itself till its day comes

And where today is all that matters

*Can someone please lead me the way?
I hope everyone will find their true happiness.
He is not the guy I am looking for
But why did I find him?
He, who has eyes that says a thousand words
He, whose prose is nothing but absurd
He, who has a smile that makes everything brighter
He, who makes a not so good reader
He, who is a perfect gentleman
He, who makes an ordinary day to a best one
He, who cares so much about others
He, who turns winter into summer
He, who doesn’t want to see a girl cry
He, who is never afraid to give anything a try
He, whose heart already belongs to someone else
It doesn't really makes sense
Why do I have to meet someone as perfect as him
Only to make me feel that I can never have him
This is a goodbye poem, I guess? Hahaha
Everytime you walk on my way
There are things I wanna say
"I like you!
Do you feel the same way too?"

Everytime you walk on my way
There are so many things I wanna say
I thought I was going to die
When I said **"Hi!"
This is me all the time.  >.<
Most of the time, holding on to something too wonderful for you cause you more harm than good. It will never stop from hurting you till you give everything up. Until you have nothing left. Letting go is always an option you never chose. For the fear of never having someone like him. For the fear of never seeing his smile again. For the fear of never having a chance to hug him. For the fear of not hearing his voice calling your name every morning. You are too afraid to be alone again.That you are more than willing to lose everything but him. Because having him is worth losing yourself.
I don't know how I came up with these words.
How can you smile when all you want to do is to cry?
How can you keep holding on when there is nothing you can do but to jump off the cliff?
How can you keep in touch to the people who wanted to stay away?
How can you fly if you're afraid to fall?
How can you win the battle if you're the only one left fighting?
How can you let go the person who you wanted to stay?
How can you feel love and hate at the same time with the same person?
How can you hate a person who is hurting you in so many ways but still loving him?
How can you be happy when you know someone is suffering?
How can you live when you feel like you're dying?
How can you keep things in place when they keep on falling apart?
How can you speak out your mind if you can't find your voice?
How can you get started if you don't know where to begin?
How can you follow your heart when they are torn into pieces?
How can you say you're fine when you're not?
How can you see the right path when they pushed you to darkness?
How can you say you're sad when you've never been happy?
They say it's never too late
But for me,
Im way too late
You can't here me now
No matter how loud I say these three word
I lost my last chance
All i can do now
Is to cry infront of your grave
Feeling the pain alone
I love you but...
Someone loves you too

I love you but...
You love someone else

I love you but...
You didn't know that I exist

I love you but...
I have no chance to tell this to you
It's so funny how much im in love with you
And everyday im falling even more
My sanity is leaving me and i dont know what to do
Everytime you are near, dont know what to feel
Or is it fear? Fear that you could hear my heart beating like a drum

Cant look into your eyes
Cause i dont know what is real from lies
Do you feel the same way too?
Or you just keep me hanging?

I stare at the stars
It feels like im watching your fake smile
It's so funny how much im in love with you
So funny that im going crazy to get rid of this unfamiliar feelings

I wish that in a blink of an eye
Feelings fade
in a blink of an eye
Memories were forgotten
in a blink of an eye
Everything is back to normal
Where i am me, you are you
And we are strangers
Till the time comes
Our paths would cross
I would just smile at you and walk away
just a midnight thoughts
Love is painful they say.
It is all about hurt, miseries, and hatred.
But believe me when I say it's not.
Because what brings you pain is saying goodbye to the person you love.
To be alone when you used to be on on each others arms.
That is what really brings you sadness.
And love is the only cure.
Spread the love this season.
Your love is like the rain
After i had enjoyed the best of you
Next thing i know is
i am on my bed wrapped in blankets
cause i am sick but still happy
Limang taon na akong naghihintay
Sa puso mo'y magkaroon ng kaunting espasyo
Pag-asa'y unti-unting namamatay
Sabihin mo
Kailan ba dapat huminto?

Kung may araw na sa gabi?
Kung ubos na ang buhangin sa disyerto?
Kung matamis na ang tubig-dagat?
Kung ayaw ng magluto ni Spongebob ng Krabby Patty?

Dahil hindi ako titigil
Hangga't hindi pa nauubos ang nakaimbak kong "Kaya ko pa!"
Hangga't hindi pa napapatunayan kung may forever ba
At hangga't makalimutan ko na ang paghinga
When Is The Right Time to Stop?

I've been waiting for five years
To have even just a little space for me in your heart
Hope is slowly fading away
Please tell me when to stop

Till sun shines at night?
Till there is no sand left in the desert?
If the ocean's water is already sweet?
If Spongebob doesn't want to make krabby patty anymore?

Because I won't stop
Till I could say "I still can!"
If it is not yet proven uf there is really a forever
Till I forget how to breathe
I just want  you to know,
I mean to say im over you right now
Im trying my best to forget you
All you've done and said to me the moment you gave up on us

I guess we are not meant for each other
At least there will be no hesitation for me to be with someone else since we're over
I wish the same thing with you
Goodluck in finding a girl better than me

I will never talk to you again
Except when you're the one who starts the conversation
Enough of the chases
It is really tiring and unworthy

Have a good life ahead.
I don't want to retrieve the poems back.
I don't love you anymore
This is not really my last poem. Inspired by the red notebook of my brother, that is why I am dedicating this to him. hahaha
You are so confusing. I hope I know how you feel every time you hold my hand and our eyes meet. I wish I'm not the only one who feels like dying every time we're close to each other. Because I die every time you say goodbye. I don't feel right when you say goodnight. A part of me dies when I think it might be our last. Last conversation. My last glimpse of you. So please, if you feel the same, tell me. Tell me before it's too late. Even if you don't feel the same, tell me still. I'm fine. I will be fine. Because I don't want to spend the rest of my life wondering.
Words I couldn't say. >.<
I hope you know how your words keep me awake at night. How your eyes can drown me more than the ocean. How your smile make the whole room brighter. How your laughter is more beautiful than my favorite   love song.
I am okay
Everything is fine
I am happy
I have nothing to wish for
Except for making these lies true

I am not okay,
Never was and never will be
Everything falls in wrong places
I don't wanna be sad anymore
But I guess dreams were meant for sleeping
How do you feel?
Those very alluring eyes,
that sparkles even in sunlight
Those curly and shiny hair,
that i wish to run my fingers through
You're very handsome face,
that I can take to look at every seconds left in my life
I never believe then in love-at-first-sight,
But at the very moment I laid my eyes on you,
I started imagining my life with you
Seeing you for the first time,
Is the best 5 minutes of my life
I believe that we are destined to see each other again.

Heeeeey, happy hearts! The one I'm referring here is someone I saw during our field trip in an amusement park. He has a curly hair which attracted me most. That is why I called him Eros. After that moment, his face never left my mind.
My friends are telling me to stop
To stop from loving you
They asked me to find another one
They say you are a bad guy, heartbreaker and *******
Maybe they are right
But haven't I told them
That cupid didn't just shot me in my heart but also in my eyes?
So I guess, I've been blinded by love
You can feel it,but you can't stop it.
         You give too much but no one will catch it but the ground.
                 Maybe some people will catch a few raindrops,
                   but at the end they will also throw it away.
               0          0               0                 0                 0
                      0              0              0          ­      0                      
                                 0            0           0        0         0    0
                      0      0           0      0                0        0
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You always run to me
When she hurts you
Then dump me
When you are okay
I am your comfort zone
And you are my baggage
That I am willing to lift till the end

Every second is a heartache
When you are with her
Forcing to fake every smile
Im happy for you
But I pity myself
For loving a guy
Who can never treat me more than his BEST FRIEND.
You are the kind of story
I will never get tired of
Reading over and over again
No matter how tragic the ending is.
My last piece for 2016. Let's make more beautiful stories in 2017 together.
There I was again tonight
Hoping for a chance
Wearing a gown with a touch of pink
Walking in front of you
And yet you don't even gave me a glance

Then your best friend asked for a dance
While dancing, he noticed that I am looking at you
He said that you would dance me later
I don't want to believe
But an undesirable hope ignited

I am back on my sit
Time check, eleven o'clock
I looked up at the stars
Silently praying for my last dance
When you are coming near me
Unfortunately, you asked my friend not me

Time is running,
It's already twelve midnight
Just like Cinderella,
I need to go home
You were not my first and last but my *never dance
I never thought that a three second eye contact
Could rock my world like this
I just wanted you to notice me
It was never my intention to fall
I don't know where I lost control
Must have been somewhere between your smile and the way you dance

You have marked my notebook
But your smile left a mark on my heart and mind too
You are everywhere I go
And everyone I see
Take my heart with you
I don't need it without you

**I think I better Ron (run)
Fangirling. I dedicate this to the boy who made my day extraordinary. This is for you Ron Mclean Galang. <3
Some days we shine so bright
Some days the light fades away
Is it me? Is it you?
Or is this love not meant to be at all?
A poem I made a year ago. I just found it written on a piece of paper and I feel like sharing it to you.
The water's blue
The sand's brown
As long as I'm with you
I won't feel down

The waves says, ssshhh!
I thought you'd stay
The wind blows, wooosh!
The end of my day
Even when you are near
It feels like you're a million miles away
Just like a shinning star at the night sky
Impossible to reach by a girl like me
7th grade
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