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Your naked body
Pressed on mine
We kissed

I thought that
I should feel

Thrill, euphoria
Lust, love
Or bliss

But no
I felt
And I'm very sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me.  You are everything I have ever wanted, but for some reason touching you leaves me blank.  I feel nothing.  And I am sorry.
If we are
At the opposite ends of the spectrum
You, red
And I, violet
I would make a wheel
To get to you

You are here
Because of me
I am here
Because of you
And If you're afraid of drowning
In this ocean of hues

I will be the light
Which saves you
In the deep blue.
A response to "Spectrums"
The light flickers behind the shadows
The words fade to black
The people stream as if to follow
I try to get back on track
As I thought of the good changes
From moments of leaving
I couldn't help but ask the feeling
Of how wonderful it would be
If this time
This time
A response to "Leaving"
I want to know
What keeps you up at night
I want to know
What makes you cry
I want to be there
Every time
In sleepless nights
And painful sighs
Tiring tales and lies
In celebrations of life
Laughter and smiles
And all those times you try
I will be
Your lullaby.
A response to the poem "Lull"
I tried to make this poem different
But then I realized
If there's one thing I'm good at
It would be writing about you
About your smallest movements
No one seems to notice
Like the way you flick your hair when you get nervous
About the surprises in you
Like your soft cry to belong, to matter
When all people see is a hard rock
They never knew it was a build up of tears
And about the things I will never have the chance to tell you again
Like when you're nervous or afraid, I'll be there
But I won't tell you not to fear
Because there are some things we have to be afraid of
Or hey, you were my rock
The one thing I held on to
And I will cradle you
Your softest whispers
And the salty water you come with
You belong with me
You will always matter.
I was thinking of continuing this poem and perform it as spoken word but lately I haven't been sure if I still want to say these.

And please leave suggestions if you have some. I'd appreciate it so much. Thanks :).
You said
I have a way with words
You do too
But I don't think
writing about what I never felt
Is the same with
saying what you never meant.
Yes, pun. We use words in different ways after all.
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