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unnamed Oct 2019
From the bottom of the stage
lies the little oldest dream, she
with a magnificent imaginary
friends as roles of this endless play

The old self she made, the actress
without the lines, the madness and blind
eyes reading the parts they once gave

Still growing in this infinite child's play
wondering if the wounds in backstage could
ever be noticed or healed as they scream

Faith remains in: a present of silence, hidden
without disguises, vanishing rapidly away,
in the future they may written another suicidal
coward, vanishing in the hour of another dreadful May

All along those years of secret pain in flowers still
surrounded by fake plastic horrors in secret views, self indulgence among old pills vanishing in this mad's towers

The future seems unclear, in the back of her fears still remains the  running, but it is living while rambling with no roots to clear? To a newer self is wished nothing but courage, a belong fortress where no hollow lurks near.
Melissa Taylor Jul 2019
Well firstly let me congratulate you on getting this far...
For as long as i remember i never thought i would get where you are.
I am......
I will be......
That's unless this note is laying next to your corpse.
My dead a coffin maby?
Of course.
Well...i knew you would be there...
I for-saw.
I have a seeing eye.
I knew you'd already be gone.

-But just incase I'm wrong....remember
your Morals & Hope is what has and will keep you strong-
Arya Apr 2019
When everything seems that dark
And nobody's there
I promise I will stick up for you
Before this sky hits Dawn.
I hope I'm still alive
When the world's about to end
So I can have my last hug
Before we split up again.
Just know
I still love you
Either alive or dead.
Just know
I'm going to be there
Either day or night.
I just need you to do something
You'll never forget
Put my name on the sticky note
And put it on your head.
Until I'm gone.
Okay so I'm really sorry if this actually makes you cry but I just wrote this poem in the middle of the night so I hope you enjoy.
Aayasha khan Nov 2018
I Don't live in pain
this pain takes refuge in me
it wants to live too
so i let it stay..
somethings can be separated from us . so is pain..
Debanjana Saha Apr 2017
Where are all when I need them?
Don't worry dear, you won't find them
rather you are on your own
get that straight as early as possible.
trust yourself that you will figure all out
until its end!
A letter to future self..
Isabelle Apr 2017
The future me, my love
Depends on how you treat me now

But then I realized, the future me
Depends on how I allow you to treat me

Going deeper, I realize
The future me, depends on me

Not you, not they
Only me, my choices and ME
Trying hard to catch up with the daily writing.
Idiosyncrasy Apr 2017
To you
     who are afraid of heights
   Not because you're afraid to fall
   But because you're afraid
     you will not know how to get down
   Because sometimes you need to
     when you've been way way up
               You can keep chasing the stars
               But you will need to feel the ground
               Don't lose someone who makes you feel so.
Fear of heights. I have nothing to lose.
Lydia Apr 2017
Little girl with the big white dog
Grew up, flew away
Now drifting, unstatic
Maybe time to settle down
Don't forget to plant roots and grow stronger
Please comment :)
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