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Angel Oct 2020
That glass piece,
fitting so perfectly
into my palm.
Smooth, cold, round,
holding my hand tighter than any ex-lover before.
That ginger kiss upon my lips,
sending smoke to hug my lungs.

Those IV bags dripping of happiness,
shooting euphoria through my bloodstream.

Anything to keep me from feeling numb.
Anything to prolong my inevitable fall,
back to my own personal purgatory.
Angel Mar 2020
Please calm my racing heart.
Subside the blood rushing to my cheeks.

Silence the butterflies,
whose wings flap so violently in my stomach.

Holding my voice hostage,
I'd like to take it back
Angel Nov 2016
The urge to pick up the blade has become stronger
All my strength is drained and my feelings hit me harder

Pushing em away because I told you I was better
Showing you a different face, **** it's just the weather

A different time, a different cloud
A different daydream to shut out

What else am I supposed to say
Been lying since the very first day

Cut off all my ties
No one notices the lost lines

Time to disappear
I'm sorry for the last time
  Sep 2016 Angel
Mysidian Bard
Memories of you
Cannot fill these empty arms
Pride can't keep me warm
  Sep 2016 Angel
I told you I haven't smoked in a while
But now I'm gone farther than a mile
Her is my answer when they ask me why i smile
Mrs. is her answer when they ask her what's your title
But whats gonna be your answer when I tell you that I love you
And I'm always gonna love you even from the sky above you
  Sep 2016 Angel
Liz Delgado
I'm so jealous of your eyelashes,
they get to kiss your cheeks approximately twenty thousand times a day.
Needless to say, I'm jealous of the breeze intertwining in your hair
and the pillow you hug every night.
Lucky your coffee mug,
which you kiss every morning and in the nights of induced insomnia.
I envy your books,
the ones you caress and read with infinite interest.
I wish I was motherland,
so you could love me up to my rivers, faults, caves, sunsets, trees...
You go through the day, unknowingly inspiring verses in other people, and I drown in the unknown.
I want to get to know you as much as the shyness keeps me from fearlessly speaking to you.
  Sep 2016 Angel
But when you see the stars,
Do you think of us?

Do you remember when you breathed life into me, and ignited a fire in my soul?
When you started a feeling so profound, it brought to life every cell of my body?

When you go to sleep,
Do you dream of me?

Do you imagine a new ending, where our paths join back together once more?
Do you ever feel remorse because this could have been more than what it was?

When you wake up,
Do you ever wish I was there?

Do you miss the heat of our bodies close to each other?
Our heartbeats beating at the same pace?

Oh, darling.
I do.

Do you?
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