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Cypher May 2020
In a styrofoam cup resides one of the strongest poisons  
Your Love.
My conscience fades and mind wanders with every sip
In our recent departure i fell victim to the fundamentals of gymnastics
You know.
How people flip
Cypher Apr 2020
Leave me on delivered
I’m throwing rocks at your window
Only cause you got tha qualities
That’ll make a mufucka **** for
Is it real tho?
Tell me is it real tho
Tell me what’s this feeling
I’m feeling like you’re my antidote.
Cypher Jan 2019
Ecstasy on your tongue  
We french kiss, you love to share
Lost for the moment where time isn’t real
Whats real?
No idea but we’re searching
Get lost and stay gone
But time never shows mercy
Ecstasy on my tongue
We french kiss, i hate to share
I need to stay lost for the moment where time isn’t real
Where the pain isn’t real, where I’m numb so the feelings i don’t feel
Whats real?
Nothing for now but the thoughts creep
I gotta get lost and stay gone
I can never sleep
Ecstasy on our tongue
We used to french kiss, we used to share
We used to get lost for the moment where time wasn’t real
What’s real?
We used to question through the late night
We used to get lost and stay gone
No time left but it feels right
Cypher Jan 2019
Sweet Serenade
Seductive Symphony
Words played on every note
Oh how you sing to me
Softly Struck
Slightly Shy
Warm whispers played on every chord
Oh how you sing to me
Cypher Aug 2017
Such a powerful drug you are løve
The elusiveness of you
Keeps all intrigued
Such a beauty you are løve
There is even beauty in the pain you bring
Never more alive do we feel løve
As when we finally have you in our grasp
Quickly forgetting
You løve
Never last
Cypher Aug 2017
A lesson nobody taught me
when i was younger
Is once people are broken in a certain way
They can never be fixed again
As i grew older
I saw people around me break
And eventually you start to wonder
Then you ask yourself when is it your turn or if its already happened
Cypher Aug 2017
Addiction and depression are when a good, hopeful, optimistic, sensitive, beautiful soul
Felt too deeply, loved too fully
And then had the essence of their joy crushed out of them by a world that is frightfully cruel and sad
Its just a sad small human nursing their sad small heart
Escapism addiction whatever you call it is the soul trying to stave off the pain just for a while, just to catch its breath
Seek not to judge but to understand
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