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 Apr 13 mybarefootdrive
What a burden
the stars must bear
knowing for certain
that all the wishes
wished upon them
from such great distance
are far too far to
grant even the smallest
glimmer of a chance
or hope or prayer
of ever getting there.
Life is a puzzle never meant to be completed

Our lives are never born to be forgotten - deleted

Memories may carry the weight of pain through a torrential rain

But they also carry the love of those loved we have forever gained
Love can make us losers
Invested in love’s game
It can hurt to be human
I love you just the same!
The overnight fall
Is framed through my bedroom window
This morning
I will wrap myself
In the blanket
Before tires, squirrels and bootprints
Mar my pristine scene.
he blew a kiss to me
across the garden
I thought that I felt it land on my cheek
but it must have landed on
the sunset instead

The stars were beautiful that night
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