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Mark Tilford Feb 2022
my focuss


in my thoughts
what is real

with the devil
was there a deal



i drank
to **** them away


i walked across hot coals
to see if i could feel

i did not burn

in the turn

what have i become
my only friend

happiness ends
it became a fast trend

i tried to disappear
i am still here

at my age
accepting things

is everything

in my end
will the pain bend
will happiness begin

if only i could start
Mark Tilford Jan 2022
sweet love

sweet love

i can no longer trust

so long now

i have been alone

stayed hiding inside my home

after it failed

the first time

the second

and the third

i am burned


that i would never let it return

buried my heart deep in dust

for me

there would never be an us

bound by chains of fear

it's crystal clear


i would never trust

Mark Tilford Oct 2021
to let it go

what a mess

could not learn from my


i was going to do what it takes

true love

so hard to face

how would will you know

if you do not try

i could never let it go

from thirty years ago

i tried my best

i could never sleep

in my mind to deep

i weep

i lost something

that i could not replace

never left my place

if i missed a call

it could not be traced

that time could not be a waste

i had to stop the chase


in my head

i could not get it to erace

another love could not replace

look at my face

no one could fill my need

how do you stop

a heart bleed

that is thirty years old

you say

by letting it go

i tried
Mark Tilford Jun 2020
Authority missed used
All the time on the news
All of a sudden a side we think we need to choose
There was no need to
Finally a video tap
That shows what they do

Gun shots fired
A black woman dead (Breonna Taylor)
My God she was getting ready for bed
Now dead

A knee to the back of the neck
He could not breath (George Floyd )
A black man dead
Not before asking for his mother
A son, a big brother
Now another

CHANGE will be their legacy

After years of suppression, racism
We stand together
Blacks and whites at their best
And protest
Enough, Enough
It's time to end how rough
Together handcuffed

By color we are a race ??
There is only one race
The human race

As I write this
I shed a tear
In sadness
For hope
That there will No longer be a hidden
Mark Tilford Apr 2020
in his or her green and kaki army  fatigues
they fight a war
so where freedoms and democracy can prevail
with no red cape
no special powers
without a reflecting shield
they march into a battlefield
guns drawn
they put up the greatest fight
hiding their fear of flight
the whistle
the bullets sound
the direction
the way
the bullets paved their way
they knew exactly where to end
the god awful  sounds
as one by one they hit the ground
the hearts slow and struggle to beat
no loved ones by their side
our heroes die
Mark Tilford Jan 2020
driving down a road
black crows
all i see
grave stones
i cannot scream
****** stream
horrible scene
heavy smog
downed  logs
falling frogs
hairless dogs
a dream
a dead deer
blood smears
devil appears
his fires
a dream
it's dark
a snack
fighting back
the pack
stepping on the cracks
they keep coming back
a dream
not wanted
it haunted
it taunted
in a place
not a trace
null space
no flowers
a vase

a dream
Mark Tilford Oct 2019
hot turns to cold
this is getting old
it's out of control
which ever way the wind blows
we both go
the craziness we cannot let go
what is there  to hold
the things that have been told

hide and go seek
keeps us at our peak
the slips
the love that occasionally leaks

two freaks
the hand print
left on my cheek
the mean streak
makes us complete

week to week
when things seems bleak
does not make us weak

the games
i blame
you blame
there is no shame
we both came

not our claim to fame

the games
will never change
not our strange
we never stay estranged

the games
the power
the desire

we play
the games
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