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Dec 2019 · 145
Mera kya karoge
Mothsome Dec 2019
Mujhko itna sudhar k kya karoge. -2
Main !!!! Khud Main na raha to fir mera kya karoge.
Dhund Lo na koi aur jaisa tumhe pasand hai.
Mujhpe itna mehnat kyun karoge.
Jul 2019 · 181
Mothsome Jul 2019
I want to kiss her
may be on her lips
may be on her chicks
may be on her eyes
or may be on her forehead
I just want to kiss her
where my soul can feel her's.
I want to kiss her
may be once
may be sometimes
may be always
Jun 2019 · 568
LoVe WiTh YoU
Mothsome Jun 2019
I always want you to stay by my side,
If that means I miss you when you are not around,
Then I miss you.

I always want you to be happy and smiling,
If that means I like you,
Then I like you.

I always want you to become my life,
If that means I love you,
Then I am in love with you.
Miss you
Like you
Love you
Jun 2019 · 3.0k
Why he love her ?
Mothsome Jun 2019
She has a cute face with heavy heart,
Pure smile without mask.
How can he control his feelings,
When black hair brown eyes complementing her.
Brown eyes
Black long hair
May 2019 · 364
Mothsome May 2019
I don't hate you,
I just hate the way
I lied to myself for you.
Did you ever said to yourself may be she/he is really busy, when deep inside you know that they lied ?
May 2019 · 91
No one has someone
Mothsome May 2019
This no one has now someone, who thinks he is the special one amongst everyone.
When she makes you feel special.
Mar 2019 · 418
More than friends
Mothsome Mar 2019
Tell me you feel the same,
Or let's finish the game.
No more , more than friends games.
Friendship or love , no more in between
Mothsome Feb 2019
She said our life doesn't matter.
Our happiness doesn't matter.
She found me inside me.
She told we will be ok.
Once she said we will find the one
She said we will gal up to see their smile.
I thought she is the one who understand me.
I thought she is my soul mate.
I thought we are brothers.
She shared her thoughts.
I shared mine.
She said she is going through the same.
She said she can understand.
She said she can relate.
Dear moon
Why she said that?
Why she said our life doesn't matter?
Why she said we will not gonna be happy?
Why she said we have to live as per society or leave the world?
Dear moon why she said that.
Why she said we will not get anything?
Why she said we have to Stop?
Why she said we are dragging people in the darkness?
Dear moon why she said that?
Once She said ending your life is not the end.
Now she said we have to choose.
Our family doesn't understand us .
No one will understand us.
Dear moon why she said that?
Why she said that?
Dear moon ask her...
Why she said that?
She is sad. I want her to be happy.
I am sad. I want to be happy.
I know she is awake.
Tell her I hate her.
Tell her we are not brothers anymore.
Just tell her..
Dear moon tell her I hate her.
Friends who shared darkness
Feb 2019 · 612
Mothsome Feb 2019
Sun watches how I lie,
But moon knows why.
We know why we lie.
Jan 2019 · 798
Vodka Shots
Mothsome Jan 2019
I was in love so wanted to be high
but she was high so wanted to be loved.
That's not love.
Jan 2019 · 2.7k
Fragrance V0.1
Mothsome Jan 2019
Darkness has a strong fragrance.
People who are already going through can sense it behind your smile.

~be careful~
You are not alone...
Jan 2019 · 996
Mothsome Jan 2019
I am not a poet but the thoughts about you are poetry.

— The End —