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Mothsome Jun 2019
She has a cute face with heavy heart,
Pure smile without mask.
How can he control his feelings,
When black hair brown eyes complementing her.
Brown eyes
Black long hair
Mujen Suraj Jan 2019
I twisted my fingers
On my black and tangled hair
And there was moisture
Which are remains
of last rain.

I sat aside lost in dream
I set myself
In a front seat of
Car, that's just moving
Ahead with its usual speed
Crossed thousands of people with

I am dry, although it's raining
Blurring the windshield
Making it hard to drive
Killing each sense
and paralyzing me.
The sky is falling

But I am dry
My eyes too
Body, clothes, and books
All. I am leaving behind
Each thing went wet.
I am dry

Gently, I removed
My hands from
My black and tangled hair
It still has moisture.
Remains of last rain.

Tinha uma voz doce;

Um cabelo ***** cumprido;

Olhos de ressaca;

Ficava bonita até de batom rosa;

(Odeio, batom rosa).

Mas melhor de tudo;

Foi a mulher mais linda;

Que eu já vi na vida.

Ela não cabe em um livro;

Ela está nos menores frascos;

Até porque,

Neles estão os melhores perfumes.

E como diz aquele velho ditado:

''Secretárias são sensacionais''.

Mas eu,

[Tenho esse erro;

De me apaixonar todo dia;

Sempre pela pessoa errada].
Martin Narrod Apr 2014
You choked on chariots raw. Red egg yolk suppers, churned of the milk oceans this morning you kept.
The lintel of stone turned toward dusk. Some great dynasty of submissive spirits catering your morning
Out on a cart of muse, forms of heaven cannot even hear you. You are a soporific knot in the tale of your Old womanhood. In this infinite Tuesday morning your small black eyes, like an oil tanker toppling over The intense azure sea- shipwrecked, and lost.

Departing from your childhood you slurp Coca-Cola from a silver straw. From the corner store and inside Winter yawns. There is no face, only strikingly beautiful black hair. The body under you is at home in all
My hand's fingers have to fill. All the clothes that you could carry for the two-way adventure. There are
Never enough bubbles between your lips and the glass bottle you have. Only the score of the whistleblower. And the poor symphony you had prayed for into the dial-tone phone, the deep Wilderness, that stiff forever-ago budding from your coffee cup. Neurogenesis lifted from your Fingerprints and emblazoned into this lump of human ingenuity. The hopeless octave that cut us all short.    

Every short story that was left untold. There are the brief deaths recoiling in your spiritual architecture. The ****** of morphia has bourn me awake. Inside you are often unscathed, vanishing as some of Tonight's parts assemble you, on you blue is a beautiful color. The sweet retreat that gave you life or the bountiful deaths that counted you too cutely by your side. You are the sun in my black coat. Here is my sea, your sea, you'll see.
Written for Anna Farinola

— The End —