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Nov 2018 · 932
21.34 pm
kias nara Nov 2018
Seoul, 21.34 p.m

In this busy street people comes and goes,
some is going back to their home from a hectic day,
some is going to hang out with their friend,
some is going to recharge their energy with food,
some is going to meet the person they love

and here I am, watching over them from above the hill
rushing to the place they have to go
making thousands of little red-yellow lights from their vehicles

your city is so pretty,
just like you.
Feb 2017 · 216
Draft about You (2)
kias nara Feb 2017
I’m secluded myself with the trace of you
Every bit of you, that left around me
So I could feel you here
So at least I’m not alone
Just for a moment
Let me feel your presence

*Just for a second.
Let me be with you.
Feb 2017 · 182
Draft about You (1)
kias nara Feb 2017
I never thought, I could love someone as pure as this.
As pure as I love you.
Never in a million years I thought it would be you
Whom I love so hard
Whom I adore so much.
Nov 2016 · 486
Past Lover
kias nara Nov 2016
If you decided to bring me into lights
why you never stay to see me grow
Is it shameful,
for you,
to have someone like me
born from your womb?

Do I remind you,
of the past lover
that used to hurt you so bad?

I never get the chance to taste
how it feels
to have someone that will protect you
at all cost
I never know
how it feels
to have a first love
that would never hurt you

Dad, would there be a time for us to meet?
Would there be a time,
where I can finally say to everyone
that I also have a father?
To all the parents out there, I hope you always stay healthy and happy

ps: I love you
Nov 2016 · 260
kias nara Nov 2016
Tonight, I fall in love
With the boy who has a galaxy in his eyes
The boy who shine brighter than a star

I adore every bit of his presence
His laugh
His gesture
His voice
His wrinkles when he smile
his being

Oh boy,
In the ocean of people
I see you
Only you
If only you realise
How much I fall for you this night
And how I want this moment to last forever

When this moment end
Would you remember me?  
Even though I should've known better,
That it's impossible to happen
But a little hope won't harm right?
Aug 2016 · 281
kias nara Aug 2016
I used to love you so much
I love to picture you in my imagination
I love to picture us together

But little did I realize
That i'm in love with the you
That were in my head
That only exist in my imagination
The us that I only think by myself

Then I met the real you
The you who full of spotlight
The you who sparkles
The you who has a galaxy in your eyes

You're so close, yet so far
doesn't sound cliche anymore to me

You're too mesmerizing
I'm afraid to see you
I'm afraid to fall for you
I'm afraid to get closer
I'm afraid that I can only picture us together in my head

Where you would never know
Where you would never understand

Jul 2016 · 611
About that street at night
kias nara Jul 2016
10:10 pm
The first time I saw you
You look so exquisite standing there
I never thought a pair of eyes is not enough
to catch a glimpse of your beauty

I want to hug you with my eyes before your shadow slips away
Just a little bit
Only for a second
Is it possible to see you again in another time ?
Because I would like to remember you

Jul 2016 · 284
To Be
kias nara Jul 2016
To be in love with someone new
To be grateful for being yours
To be regret have knowing you
To be relieved for letting go


— The End —