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rhi May 13
when i met you,
that’s when my life began
rhi Apr 30
daddy always told me
i would have a lot more boyfriends after you
i believed him
until i left you
rhi Apr 30
when i think of you,
i see late night car rides,
dancing in public places,
laughing obnoxiously,
making out in the backseat,
screaming lyrics at the top of our lungs,
sneaking out.
when i think of you,
i´m happy
rhi Apr 30
to the the girls who starve themselves,
the ones that watch their carbs,

you want to feel adored
you´re personality is fading
they´ll eventually get bored.

while striving for more
you settle for less

you can´t seem to love yourself
step on the scale, there go a few numbers
along with your happiness
rhi Apr 30
i didn´t know it was true love when i met you
i had a feeling we were too young
but now you and her are failing
and you and i are unveiling
i love you sounds pathetic,
but not when you say it too
rhi Apr 17
I’d hate to be the bad guy
but I’ve never seen that color blue
looking into his eyes
If I were you, I’d hate me too
rhi Apr 17
some days we go without talking
without calling
but i always get that goodnight text
well, i did
until she started getting them
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